Bricx Command Center 3.3

Bricx Command Center 3.3
Bricx Command Center (BricxCC) is a Windows program commonly known as an integrated development environment (IDE) for programming the RCX (all versions), Scout, Cybermaster, and Spybot programmable bricks using Dave Baum’s Not Quite C (NQC) language.

The Joel on Software Discussion Group – Why I Hate Frameworks

The Joel on Software Discussion Group – Why I Hate Frameworks
So I go to the hardware store to buy the tools, and I ask the sales clerk where I can find a hammer.”A hammer?” he asks. “Nobody really buys hammers anymore. They’re kind of old fashioned.”

“So this week, we’re introducing a general-purpose tool-building factory factory factory, so that all of your different tool factory factories can be produced by a single, unified factory. The factory factory factory will produce only the tool factory factories that you actually need, and each of those factory factories will produce a single factory based on your custom tool specifications. The final set of tools that emerge from this process will be the ideal tools for your particular project. You’ll have *exactly* the hammer you need, and exactly the right tape measure for your task, all at the press of a button (though you may also have to deploy a few *configuration files* to make it all work according to your expectations).”

Joel on Software

Joel on Software
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