Royal Pingdom – The seven largest Open Source deals ever

Royal Pingdom – The seven largest Open Source deals ever

To say that there were some noise on the Web when Sun recently bought MySQL for $1 billion would be an understatement, to say the least. It’s the largest open source deal ever, and the latest in a series of large open source acquisitions.

We kind of understand why Sun thought MySQL was worth a whole billion. Not only is it good software, it’s used basically everywhere! We at Pingdom use MySQL as the database of choice for our uptime monitoring service, storing settings and millions of test results every day. It’s highly scalable.

Sun buys MySQL, $1 billion, 2008
Red Hat buys Cygnus Solutions, $675 million, 1999
Citrix buys XenSource, $500 million, 2007
Yahoo buys Zimbra, $350 million, 2007

SpringSource buys Covalent Technologies, 2008
Apple buys CUPS, 2007
Sourcefire buys ClamAV, 2007
Oracle buys SleepyCat, 2006
Oracle buys InnoDB, 2005