OS/390 and z/OS Freeware by Lionel B. Dyck

OS/390 and z/OS Freeware by Lionel B. Dyck

Welcome to my website which I’ve dedicated to making available to the ‘world’ software that I’ve written over the years. Here you will find XMITIP, the OS/390 and z/OS E-Mail application (on the TCP/IP Tools page) and many other tools for OS/390 and z/OS. These tools are primarily written in REXX with a few Assembler programs.

My name is Lionel B. Dyck and I’ve been in systems programming since 1972 (starting with MVT 21.6 – remember IBM APARs delivered on punch cards) and have developed a number of tools over the years. I’ve created this site to (1) share useful code that I’ve developed and (2) to return a little back to the community of mainframe systems programmers from whom I’ve learned so much. I’ve gleaned code and knowledge from the MVT Tools Tapes (remember the Blue Berets?) to the current CBT Tape and a wealth of Web Sites. I hope my contributions here are helpful to others.

Note: I have retired from information technology and thus am no longer involved with z/OS. I will leave this site up for now in the hope that these tools, utilities, articles, etc. will prove helpful for others. If asked questions I may be able to provide an answer but without access to a z/OS system I will not be able to create fixes or updates. It has been a fun 40+ year run.

GSF Software

GSF Software

Gilbert Saint-Flour: Offering custom and standard software solutions for IBM mainframe computers

Tools and services for:

  • z/VSE to z/OS Migration and Conversion
  • Language Conversions
  • z/OS Productivity
  • z/OS JCL Redesign
  • Data Center Consolidations

Logos Computer Services Ltd
Language Conversion Services. Markets a large selection of automated conversion and migration services, including VSE to MVS conversions using the Prism Conversion System.
Conversion and Re-engineering of IBM Mainframe Applications. Markets a large selection of automated conversion and migration services, including VSE to MVS conversions using the Prism Conversion System.
K.K. Paradox
Distributes and supports the Prism Conversion System in Japan.
Support and Conversion of Computer Applications (France)
Conversion of Computer Applications (Sweden)
Solutions for batch production and output management in MVS Data Centers (Germany)
MVS Training
Provider of training resources to MVS, OS/390 and z/OS Data Centers world-wide. Training curricula available for application programmers, operators, and technical support staff
The Source Recovery Company
The ONLY company in the world which recovers COBOL or Assembler source code from IBM MVS or VSE executable programs
CBT Tape
The largest collection of free Software for MVS, OS/390 and z/OS Data Centers.
IBM PartnerWorld for Developers, a worldwide program supporting developers/ISVs who build solutions using IBM technologies.

Anura Guruge: Overview

Anura Guruge: Overview

Anura Gurugé was born in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) in 1953. He, however, came of age in Britain, after yearlong stays in Buffalo (U.S.) and Paris. Though he has lived in the U.S., the second time around since 1985, mainly in New Hampshire, he is very much a ‘Brit’ at heart, cricket an abiding passion. He started computer programming in 1969, and went to work for IBM when he was twenty. Over the years he also worked for the likes of ITT, Wang and BBN, and was, for two decades, a leading authority on IBM networking. Writing, however, has been a consuming pastime since the early 1980s. His first book was published in 1984. Four further books on technology as well as over 350 technical publications followed. Around 2006, with IBM networking an oxymoron, he turned his attention to papal history, art and astronomy. This is his twenty-second book as a sole-author. He has a Master’s in computer science, three daughters, one son, one Golden, one Beagle and a beat up old British sports car.

Santuari de Cura

Santuari de Cura
Kloster ‘Mare de Déu de Cura’ auf der Spitze des Berges Randa(543 m) zwischen den Dörfern Algaida und Llucmajor.Wurde Anfang des 20. Jahrhunderts restauriert. Die franziskaner Tertiaren übernehmen und führen das Noviziat in die mallorquinische Provinz ein. Im Jahre 1955 wurde das Bild der Jungfrau von Cura päpstlich gekrönt.

Chris Lattner’s Chamber (Compilers, Operating Systems, Graphics and more!)

Chris Lattner’s Chamber (Compilers, Operating Systems, Graphics and more!)
I’m the primary author of the LLVM Compiler Infrastructure, an ambitious project to build a system of reusable compiler components that let you build all kinds of tools: compilers, debuggers, JIT systems, optimizers, static analysis systems, etc. In its current form, LLVM is most often used as an aggressive optimizer for C and C++, which can produce X86, PowerPC, Sparc, Alpha, IA-64, or emit C code.

Dead Link: FASTRA II: the world’s most powerful desktop supercomputer

FASTRA II: the world’s most powerful desktop supercomputer

Is it possible to fit the computing power of a large supercomputer cluster in the tight space of a PC case? In our research on image reconstruction we often have to perform large-scale scientific computations, which can easily take weeks on a normal PC. Last year, the FASTRA project was launched to develop a desktop supercomputer based on gaming hardware. Although highly successful, even FASTRA cannot provide the computational power required for our latest research projects. FASTRA needs a successor, which should be much more powerful, while maintaining the favorable properties of its older brother: green, mobile and inexpensive. For just 6000 euros, you can have 12TFLOPS of computing power at your fingertips.

Part of the Vision Lab of the University of Antwerp, the research group ASTRA focuses on the development of new computational methods for tomography.