ILUPACK – Numerical solution of large sparse linear systems Ax=b

ILUPACK – Numerical solution of large sparse linear systems Ax=b
Numerical solution of large sparse linear systems Ax=b by

iterative methods, in particular preconditioned Krylov subspace methods

preconditioner constructed from incomplete LU decomposition


General case. As iterative solver preconditioned restarted GMRES is used.

Symmetric positive definite case. Use preconditioned CG.


Incomplete LU decomposition methods

WSMP Home Page – WSMP: Watson Sparse Matrix Package

WSMP Home Page – WSMP: Watson Sparse Matrix Package
Multithreaded performance has improved significantly in Version 10, especially for the symmetric solvers.Functions for transposing distributed matrices are now available.

The regular 64-bit libraries can now handle large matrices with factors containing more than 2 billion nonzeros without requiring an 8-byte integer library.

Two new massively parallel platforms, Blue Gene P and Cray XT4 are now supported.

New symmetric factorization algorithms have been introduced that reduce memory use in multithreaded mode.

Software available from alphaWorks for AIX, Linux, and SunOS.

If you need WSMP and PWSMP libraries for any other platform, please send e-mail to discuss the possibility.

Software Documentation

WSMP Users’ Guide Part I — Symmetric Systems

WSMP Users’ Guide Part II — General Systems

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DB2 ” Honza’s perspective

DB2 ” Honza’s perspective
The whole problem is in the format of the passwords in /etc/shadow. DB2 doesn’t seem to like the passwords generated when changing password using the standard passwd command. In Fedora Core 10 the password is hashed using sha-512.

DB2 works fine with passwords hashed with standard crypt function. Password in the desired format can be obtained by calling openssl passwd desiredPassword. The output of openssl can be passed to usermod –password – Richard Brent – Richard Brent
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Algorithms for Minimization without Derivatives (reprinted by Dover, January 2002)

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Bundesstelle für Flugunfalluntersuchung BFU

Bundesstelle für Flugunfalluntersuchung BFU
Bundesstelle für Flugunfalluntersuchung BFU

Eine Bundesoberbehörde im Geschäftsbereich des

Bundesministeriums für Verkehr, Bau und Stadtentwicklung

Die BFU hat die Aufgabe, Unfälle und schwere Störungen beim Betrieb von

Luftfahrzeugen in Deutschland zu untersuchen und deren Ursachen

zu ermitteln.

Zur Annahme von Meldungen über Flugunfälle oder Störungen sind wir daher

rund um die Uhr erreichbar.