YUI 3: Index of Library Examples

YUI 3: Index of Library Examples

YUI 3 ships with a series of 169 examples that illustrate the implementation of its components. The examples can be starting points for your exploration, code snippets to jump-start your own programming, or simply inspiration as to how various interaction patterns can be enabled in the web browser via YUI.

This page allow you to explore these examples component-by-component; on this page you’ll find the full index of library examples with the link and short description of each.

Since it was first introduced in 2009, the YUI Gallery has been a great tool for web developers, allowing them to contribute to the YUI library in a more open way, make their YUI modules more discoverable, and deploy them at scale using Yahoo’s CDN. As a result, the YUI Gallery now contains over 600 modules.

Since that time, the industry has drastically changed and evolved. New tools, which did not yet exist when the YUI Gallery was introduced, have since been widely adopted by the community. GitHub, package managers (npm, bower), build tools (grunt and its myriad of plugins) and free or cheap CDNs (cdn.rawgit.com, jsDelivr, cdnjs, CloudFare, etc.) have made it much easier for developers to share and deploy their modules efficiently. As a result, the YUI Gallery is not as actively used by the community as it used to be. However, the cost of maintaining it is still there. Therefore, the YUI team has made the difficult but necessary decision to deprecate the YUI Gallery.

Michaels Infopool

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