Bicycle Dynamics at TU Delft

Bicycle Dynamics at TU Delft

Joep Mutsaerts builds a LEGO Mindstorms NXT based bicycle robot in an assignment for the TUDelft 3mE/PME course Mechatronic System Design II. The lateral stability control is done by the concept of “steer into the undesired fall” and comes down to only one line of code in the controller: SteerMotorVoltage=8*RearFrameLeanRate.


2 thoughts on “Bicycle Dynamics at TU Delft

  1. hello, I am a teacher and we are trying to make this motorcycle mindstorm robot. We have made the actual motorcycle, but we cannot figure out what that line of code means: “SteerMotorVoltage=8*RearFrameLeanRate”. Do you understand it? If so, can you PLEASE tell us how to program it on EV3 ? Thank you


  2. Please keep in mind that this post is just a link to TU Delft. I am not the original author of the program and not affiliated with TU Delft. A couple of years ago I had a closer look at C programming for the Mindstorm. I guess, without knowing, that the above line mentions one of the C source code lines.


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