Extension Writing Part I: Introduction to PHP and Zend

Extension Writing Part I: Introduction to PHP and Zend
If you’ve used PHP, you’ve used extensions. With only a few exceptions, every userspace function in the PHP language is grouped into one extension or another. A great many of these functions are part of the standard extension – over 400 of them in total. The PHP source bundle comes with around 86 extensions, having an average of about 30 functions each. Do the math, that’s about 2500 functions. As if this weren’t enough, the PECL repository offers over 100 additional extensions, and even more can be found elsewhere on the Internet.

HipHop for PHP: Move Fast – Facebook Developers

HipHop for PHP: Move Fast – Facebook Developers
The main challenge of the project was bridging the gap between PHP and C++. PHP is a scripting language with dynamic, weak typing. C++ is a compiled language with static typing. While PHP allows you to write magical dynamic features, most PHP is relatively straightforward. It’s more likely that you see if (…) {…} else {..} than it is to see function foo($x) { include $x; }. This is where we gain in performance. Whenever possible our generated code uses static binding for functions and variables. We also use type inference to pick the most specific type possible for our variables and thus save memory.

100 Best Free and High Quality Linux Games | Open Mind

100 Best Free and High Quality Linux Games | Open Mind
There are literally thousands of games that can be played on Linux, if you’re a casual gamer or hardcore Linux fan who is looking to have a bit of fun on your favourite distro, there’s plenty of games to choose from.If you are unsure what to get, this list will help you out. This list includes all the popular and free high quality games that runs on Linux natively, from action/first-person shooters to real-time and turn-based strategy games to rpg/mmorpg etc.

Web Browsers Leave ‘Fingerprints’ Behind as You Surf the Net

Web Browsers Leave ‘Fingerprints’ Behind as You Surf the Net
We investigate the degree to which modern web browsers are subject to “device fingerprinting” via the version and configuration information that they will transmit to websites upon request. We implemented one possible fingerprinting algorithm, and collected these fingerprints from a large sample of browsers that visited our test side, panopticlick.eff.org. We observe that the distribution of our fingerprint contains at least 18.1 bits of entropy, meaning that if we pick a browser at random, at best we expect that only one in 286,777 other browsers will share its fingerprint. Among browsers that support Flash or Java, the situation is worse, with the average browser carrying at least 18.8 bits of identifying information. 94.2% of browsers with Flash or Java were unique in our sample.

Sportboothafen Haldensleben

Sportboothafen Haldensleben
Der Sportboothafen verfügt über insgesamt 40 Bootsliegeplätze. Desweiteren haben wir ca. 10 Stellplätze für Wohnmobile / Wohnwagen mit einem schönen Blick auf die Hafenanlage im Angebot.Unsere breiten Bootsstege sind 7 und 9 Meter lang. Darüber hinaus halten wir zwei Spundwandliegeplätze bereit für Boote bis 20 Metern Länge. Die Hafentiefe beträgt 1,70 Meter. Auf besonderen Wunsch kümmern wir uns um einen Tankservice für Dieselkraftstoff und Benzin. Bei uns können Sie auch Ihre leeren Propangasflaschen gegen volle tauschen.

Havel Marin – Bootsvermietung Brandenburg Liegeplätze Boots …

Havel Marin – Bootsvermietung Brandenburg Liegeplätze Boots …
Am Kilometer 55 stromabwärts, ca. 300 m vor der Brandenburger Vorstadtschleuse, befindet sich auf der rechten Seite der Yachthafen der Havel Marin. Hier erwartet Sie auf einem Areal von ca. 25.000 m² ein Hafenbecken mit ca. 110 Sommerliegeplätzen, 3 große Hallen für die Winterlagerung Ihrer Boote, ein modernes Servicegebäude mit separaten Duschen und Toiletten (auch behindertengerecht), ein Hafenmeisterservice sowie ein Bootszubehörverkauf, ein Waschsalon mit Waschmaschinen und Trocknern. Zusätzlich wird Ihnen u.a. eine Benutzung des Grillpavillons geboten. Echte Thüringer Bratwürste und Grillkohle können von uns bereit gestellt werden. Lassen Sie sich ebenfalls ab Juni 2009 in unseren neuen Restaurant bei einer individuell deutschen Küche verwöhnen.

Petter’s Robot dreams ” DIY Segway

Petter’s Robot dreams ” DIY Segway
The software in the microcontroller mainly consists of a filter for the gyro and accelerometer and a PD control loop. The idea from the beginning was to have the DIY Segway as a platform for testing different types of control methods. However since the power of the motors and the mass of the system was quite big it turned out that it is not such a great test platform (at least if you don’t like getting lots of bruises and destroying the interior of the place you are testing it at).

A better option would be to have a smaller balancing setup which fits on a table and with a mass of less than 1kg for this purpose.Regarding the filtering of the gyro and accelerometer I tested both a Kalman filter and a Complemenatry filter. It turned out that the performance was very similar of the two filters but the Complementary filter required less computation and is therefore currently used.