Dead Link: An Open Pre-Compiler for Embedded SQL in Awk

Dead Link: An Open Pre-Compiler for Embedded SQL in Awk

Many commercial RDBMS have a pre-compiler that converts embedded SQL macros into inline code for SQL calls. Each vendor generates calls to their own proprietary, sometimes undocumented, APIs.

We have a large system (>500 KLOC) with approximately 150 modules using embedded SQL. Initially, we wanted to test it against a variety of databases, both commercial and open-source, as part of a port to Linux. Some of the databases we tested, including MySQL, don’t have a pre-compiler for ESQL and rewriting these modules to the various database vendors APIs was not feasible.

Initially, we searched the web and also posted a request to several database newsgroups, asking if an open-source pre-compiler was available. We received only a couple of responses, which could be summarized as, “I need one too, please let me know if you find one.” So, this seemed like a worthwhile project and definitely something that we should make available to others.

The pre-compiler itself is an awk script.

Almico SpeedFan

Almico SpeedFan
SpeedFan can access the voltages reported by the hardware. This can help to identify odd issues with computers resetting under stress, for example. Please, note that SpeedFan reports the voltages according to the official documentation. Sometimes hardware manufacturers use custom circuitry. In the FAQ you can find further info on this topic.