Warp: Facebook Open-Sources A Super Fast C/C++ Pre-Processor Warp: Facebook Open-Sources A Super Fast C/C++ Pre-Processor
Replacing gcc’s preprocessor with warp has led to significant improvements of our end-to-end build times (including linking). Depending on a variety of circumstances, we measured debug build speed improvements ranging from 10% all the way to 40%, all in complex projects with massive codebases and many dependencies. That’s not per-file speed, but rather global times measured for scenarios like “build after changing a header file.

Incentive Pay Considered Harmful – Joel on Software

Incentive Pay Considered Harmful – Joel on Software
And herein lies the rub. Most people think that they do pretty good work (even if they don’t). It’s just a little trick our minds play on us to keep life bearable. So if everybody thinks they do good work, and the reviews are merely correct (which is not very easy to achieve), then most people will be disappointed by their reviews. The cost of this in morale is hard to understate. On teams where performance reviews are done honestly, they tend to result in a week or so of depressed morale, moping, and some resignations. They tend to drive wedges between team members, often because the poorly-rated are jealous of the highly-rated, in a process that DeMarco and Lister call teamicide: the inadvertent destruction of jelled teams. Visual Transistor-level Simulation of the 6502 CPU Visual Transistor-level Simulation of the 6502 CPU
The first of our projects is aimed at the classic MOS 6502 processor. It’s similar to work carried out for the Intel 4004 35th anniversary project, though we’ve taken a different approach to modeling and studying the chip. In the summer of 2009, working from a single 6502, we exposed the silicon die, photographed its surface at high resolution and also photographed its substrate. Using these two highly detailed aligned photographs, we created vector polygon models of each of the chip’s physical components – about 20,000 of them in total for the 6502. These components form circuits in a few simple ways according to how they contact each other, so by intersecting our polygons, we were able to create a complete digital model and transistor-level simulation of the chip. This model is very accurate and can run classic 6502 programs, including Atari games. By rendering our polygons with colors corresponding to their ‘high’ or ‘low’ logic state, we can show, visually, exactly how the ch Villa in Porto, Portugal

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