Who Writes Wikipedia? (Aaron Swartz’s Raw Thought)

Who Writes Wikipedia? (Aaron Swartz’s Raw Thought)
To investigate more formally, I purchased some time on a computer cluster and downloaded a copy of the Wikipedia archives. I wrote a little program to go through each edit and count how much of it remained in the latest version.? Instead of counting edits, as Wales did, I counted the number of letters a user actually contributed to the present article. If you just count edits, it appears the biggest contributors to the Alan Alda article (7 of the top 10) are registered users who (all but 2) have made thousands of edits to the site. Indeed, #4 has made over 7,000 edits while #7 has over 25,000. In other words, if you use Wales’s methods, you get Wales’s results: most of the content seems to be written by heavy editors. But when you count letters, the picture dramatically changes: few of the contributors (2 out of the top 10) are even registered and most (6 out of the top 10) have made less than 25 edits to the entire site. In fact, #9 has made exactly one edit – this one!

Julie Ann Horvath Describes Sexism And Intimidation Behind Her GitHub Exit | TechCrunch

Julie Ann Horvath Describes Sexism And Intimidation Behind Her GitHub Exit | TechCrunch
In her email to TechCrunch, Horvath says she felt “confused and insulted to think that a woman who was not employed by my company was pulling the strings.” She also said she felt bullied by someone with perceived power and influence over her personal relationship and her career at GitHub. In retrospect, Horvath said she feels like she should have handed in her resignation following the episode. While the above was going on, Horvath had what she referred to as an awkward, almost aggressive encounter with another GitHub employee, who asked himself over to “talk,” and then professed his love, and “hesitated” when he was asked to leave. Horvath was in a committed relationship at the time, something this other employee was well aware of, according to Horvath. The rejection of the other employee led to something of an internal battle at GitHub. According to Horvath, the engineer, “hurt from my rejection, started passive-aggressively ripping out my code from projects we had worked on t

Watts Up With That? | The world’s most viewed site on global warming and climate change

Watts Up With That? | The world’s most viewed site on global warming and climate change
WUWT doesn’t run articles for hire, it is not nor has it ever been on the payroll of any company or organization (and that goes for me personally too), and it is managed mostly by myself with the help of about half a dozen volunteer moderators. That said, I do get some revenue from some Amazon book sales via their referral program, and from the wordpress.com sponsored advertising program which is a revenue sharing arrangement. Advertising is placed on WUWT by wordpress.com and WUWT gets a portion of the ad revenue from wordpress.com just like many other wordpress hosted blogs do. WUWT also gets occasional personal donations via the PayPal button on the right sidebar, and we sometimes sell promotional items such as coffee mugs, t-shirts, and calendars. One of the most humorous episodes of the “you are in the pay of some big oil/big activist outfit” meme WUWT often gets accused of came in December 2012 when our volunteer community cartoonist “Josh” in the UK decided to collect some

pcmag.com: OnePlus Founder – We’re Making Ones As Fast As We Can | News & Opinion

pcmag.com: OnePlus Founder – We’re Making Ones As Fast As We Can | News & Opinion
OnePlus founder Carl Pei (who is Swedish-Chinese and speaks English with an American accent) came into our offices to emphasize that while there never seem to be enough OnePlus Ones, they’re a real thing. “We set some goals for this year. Thirty thousand was a realistic goal, 50,000 was a pretty good goal and 100,000 was a stretch goal,” he said. “We now aim to ship a million devices this year, and we’ve already surpassed half a million.” The problem is that OnePlus has no idea how to predict demand for its hot phone. Because it makes so little money on each phone, it doesn’t want to make more than it can sell. And it takes three months to request changes in volume from the company’s screen manufacturer. The OnePlus One hasn’t followed the typical rules of phone demand, Pei said. Typically, when a phone launches, there’s strong demand for about two months and then it starts tapering off. But nobody’s been able to match the OnePlus One’s price/performance balance, so demand for

atlassian.com: Alternatives To Git Submodule: Git Subtree – Atlassian Blogs

atlassian.com: Alternatives To Git Submodule: Git Subtree – Atlassian Blogs
There are several reasons why you might find subtree better to use: Management of a simple workflow is easy. Older version of git are supported (even before v1.5.2). The sub-project’s code is available right after the clone of the super project is done. subtree does not require users of your repository to learn anything new, they can ignore the fact that you are using subtree to manage dependencies. subtree does not add new metadata files like submodules doe (i.e. .gitmodule). Contents of the module can be modified without having a separate repository copy of the dependency somewhere else. In my opinion the drawbacks are acceptable: You must learn about a new merge strategy (i.e. subtree). Contributing code back upstream for the sub-projects is slightly more complicated. The responsibility of not mixing super and sub-project code in commits lies with you. How to use git subtree? git subtree is available in stock version of git available since May 2012 – 1.7.11+. The version installed

Dabeaz LLC: Python Cookbook and SWIG Author

Dabeaz LLC: Python Cookbook and SWIG Author
Dabeaz LLC is David Beazley, an independent software developer and book author living in the city of Chicago. I primarily work on programming tools, provide custom software development, and teach practical programming courses for software developers, scientists, and engineers. I am best known for my work with the Python programming language where I have created several open-source packages (e.g., Swig and PLY). I am also the author of the Python Essential Reference (Addison-Wesley) and Python Cookbook, 3rd Ed. (O’Reilly). Although Python is my current language of choice, I also have significant experience with systems programming in C, C++, and assembly language.

Nikita Popov: PHP’s new hashtable implementation

Nikita Popov: PHP’s new hashtable implementation
In other words, arrays in PHP 7 use about 2.5 times less memory on 32bit and 3.5 on 64bit (LP64), which is quite impressive. If you compare this to the previous zval implementation, one difference particularly stands out: The new zval structure no longer stores a refcount. The reason behind this, is that the zvals themselves are no longer individually allocated. Instead the zval is directly embedded into whatever is storing it (e.g. a hashtable bucket). While the zvals themselves no longer use refcounting, complex data types like strings, arrays, objects and resources still use them. Effectively the new zval design has pushed out the refcount (and information for the cycle-collector) from the zval to the array/object/etc. There are a number of advantages to this approach, some of them listed in the following: Zvals storing simple values (like booleans, integers or floats) no longer require any allocations. So this saves the allocation header overhead and improves performance by

davidlowryduda.com: mixedmath — Explorations in math and number theory

davidlowryduda.com: mixedmath — Explorations in math and number theory

I’m David Lowry-Duda. I’m currently a 3rd year PhD student at Brown University. At Brown, I study mathematics. More specifically, I study number theory. As an undergrad, I really enjoyed elementary and additive number theory. As a grad student studying under Dr. Jeff Hoffstein, I focus on analytic number theory. What is number theory? I get this question a lot, but I’ve never been really good at answering it. When I took my first number theory class with Dr. Matt Baker, an excellent inspirateur likely responsible for my career path, it was apparent to me: number theory is the study of numbers. We like divisibility tests, primes, or density of special numbers in progression. This encompasses much of what I now call elementary number theory, from the prime number theorem to modern cryptography. But this does not even begin to actually answer the question (this is sort of a Dunning-Kruger classification error).