The original Granny Aupair

The original Granny Aupair

Granny Aupair is a sophisticated, multi-prizewinning and internationally known online portal and places women over 50 abroad as au pair grannies. Our initative offers many possibilities to realize your dream of living abroad. An increasing number of families are opting for a Granny Aupair as the ideal childcare. Our Grannies play, paint, bake or sing with the children. They provide love and comfort and are there for the children when their parents are busy. By the way: At time of founding at the beginning of 2010, Granny Aupair was the first agency of its kind worldwide and is thus the original. Every day several hundred interested users visit Granny Aupair. What is a good command-line IRC client on Linux? By Adrien Brochard What is a good command-line IRC client on Linux? By Adrien Brochard

  1. WeeChat: Written in C and designed to be light and stable, WeeChat integrates two fundamental elements, a relative ease of use and a high degree of customization. It supports IPv6, SSL encryption, proxy relay, screen splitting, fancy shortcuts, and top notch character encoding. However, its real strength lies in its scripting support. Indeed, anyone can code a little script, in C, Python, Perl, Ruby, or some other classy language, and propose it to the community. The result is a huge library that you can browse and use to customize your client to its core.
  2. ircII: the oldest IRC client still maintained today. Setting the standard for fast and stable client, ircII remains completely functional, even if the interface does reflect its time.
  3. BitchX: Written in C, BitchX is a good example of complete IRC client which works out of the box.
  4. Irssi: a bit less colorful and flashy than BitchX.
  5. ERC: For Emacs lover, ERC is a powerful IRC client integrated in your favorite editor
  6. ii: an ultra minimalist IRC client. You launch the program from the command line, giving it the server address, port number, and your nickname. From there, ii creates two FIFO files, one that spits out the discussion, and the other that you can pipe text into to send to the chat room.
  7. sic: Minimalist approach to IRC chatting. The official website also mentions that the program is coded with less than 250 lines, and while that is not completely true (I counted 284), it is still super impressive. However, like ii, I don’t think that anyone should use sic out of the box. It remains a curiosity, or a good way to learn more about networking in C.
  8. Scrollz: Also based on ircII, Scrollz brought color, an internal user list, and an overall protection improvement compared to its ancestor. Despite those enhancements, we can see it as a more modern version of ircII.

Chrome Experiment, Visualization

Chrome Experiment, Visualization

The WebGL Globe

The WebGL Globe is an open platform for geographic data visualization. We encourage you to copy the code, add your own data, and create your own.

If you do create your own globe, please share it with us. We will post our favorite links below.


Latitude / longitude data spikes
Color gradients, based on data value or type
Mouse wheel to zoom
More features are under development…

Alex Rasmussen

Alex Rasmussen

I’m Alex Rasmussen, a software engineer based in San Francisco. I work at Trifacta. Before that, I graduated from UC San Diego with a Ph.D. in Computer Science.

Visualizing Satellites and Space Debris, Orbital Objects, 2013-11-30, Hacking Google’s WebGL globe to visualize satellites. A giant collection of the best pages on the Internet A giant collection of the best pages on the Internet

You tell us your interests. We recommend great websites, photos and videos. Simple.

StumbleUpon is a discovery engine (a form of web search engine) that finds and recommends web content to its users. Its features allow users to discover and rate Web pages, photos, and videos that are personalized to their tastes and interests.

Shows random web-sites. Free Online Tools For Developers Free Online Tools For Developers

JSON Formatter
HTML Formatter
XML Formatter
SQL Formatter
JSON Validator
HTML Validator
XML Validator – XSD
XSD Generator
XPath Tester
Credit Card Number Generator & Validator
Regular Expression Tester
Encoders & Decoders
Url Encoder & Decoder
Base 64 Encoder & Decoder
QR Code Generator
Code Minifiers
JavaScript Minifier
CSS Minifier
XSLT (XSL Transformer)
XML to JSON Converter
JSON to XML Converter
CSV to XML Converter
Epoch Timestamp To Date
Message Digester
HMAC Generator
String Escaper & Utilities
String Utilities
HTML Escape
XML Escape
Java and .Net Escape
JavaScript Escape
CSV Escape
SQL Escape
Data Generator
Web Resources
Lorem Ipsum Generator
LESS Compiler
List of MIME types
HTML Entities
Url Parser / Query String Splitter
ISO country list – HTML select snippet
USA state list – HTML select snippet

Mary Rose Cook

Mary Rose Cook

Mary works at Hacker School and lives in New York City.

Gitlet: Git implemented in 1000 lines of JavaScript. I wrote Gitlet to demonstrate how Git works under the covers. The code is heavily annotated.

Little Lisp: A Lisp interpreter in JavaScript. Supports if, let, lambdas and closures. I explained the code in this article and this screencast.

FEDERICO RAMÍREZ: Web developer, gamer and cat lover from Argentina

FEDERICO RAMÍREZ: Web developer, gamer and cat lover from Argentina

What I did was simply step on the word I want to change, press * to search for the next occurrence. Once I’m on it, I simply change it to something else, the Vim way to do it is cw. Now comes the fun part, Using n. I search for the next word, and repeat my last action, which was change it’s name, running n. again gets the job done. The complete command list used is *cwSomethingeElsen.n.

Normally I limit my lines to 80 columns. So I have textwidth set to 80 in my .vimrc file. With this I can use gq to format a selection to 80 columns.

Visual block mode is accessed though in Vim, but it also works with which I prefer.

ULTRA DB is a flat-files database designed to work in very limited environments. It can be an alternative to SQLite, or it can serve as a cache layer. It’s fast and has a rich and simple querying API.