C++ reference C++98, C++03, C++11, C++14

C++ reference C++98, C++03, C++11, C++14

Our goal is to provide programmers with a complete online reference for the C and C++ languages and standard libraries, i.e. a more convenient version of the C and C++ standards.
The primary objective is to have a good specification of C and C++. That is, things that are implicitly clear to an experienced programmer should be omitted, or at least separated from the main description of a function, constant or class. A good place to demonstrate various use cases is the “example” section of each page. Rationale, implementation notes, domain specific documentation are preferred to be included in the “notes” section of each page.

C11 is the most recently published C Standard. This means that C language is now defined in terms of C11 and we also try to stick to it. However, the differences between C89, C99 and C11 should be marked as such.

C++14 is the most recently published C++ Standard, so that is the main focus of this site.
However, in order to provide a more complete reference, we also include documentation describing previous versions of the standard (C++98, C++03, and C++11) as well as draft documentation for future versions of the standard (C++17 and the Technical Specifications). All version-specific documentation should be labeled appropriately.

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