ucmerced.edu: Mayya Tokman

ucmerced.edu: Mayya Tokman


A new class of exponential propagation iterative methods of Runge-Kutta type (EPIRK)
M. Tokman, Journal of Computational Physics, 230 (2011) 8762-8778.

New adaptive exponential propagation iterative Runge-Kutta- type (EPIRK) methods
M. Tokman, P. Tranquilli, and J. Loffeld. Submitted, 2011.

Comparative performance of exponential, implicit, and explicit integrators for stiff systems of ODEs.
J. Loffeld and M. Tokman. Submitted, 2010.

Efficient design of exponential-Krylov integrators for large scale computing
M. Tokman and J. Loffeld. Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Computational Science, Procedia Computer Science, 1(1), pp. 229-237, (2010).

Computational aspects of mucus propulsion by cilated epithelium
R. Chatelin, P. Poncet and M. Tokman, Proceedings of the 2nd European Conference on Microfluidics, Toulouse 2010.

Automated assessment of short free-text responses in computer science using latent semantic analysis
R. Klein, A. Kyrilov & M. Tokman, ITiCSE’ 11 Proceedings of the 16th annual joint conference on Innovation and technology in computer science education, 158-162, Darmstadt (2011).

Efficient integration of large stiff systems of ODEs with exponential propagation iterative (EPI) methods
M. Tokman, Journal of Computational Physics 213 (2006) 748–776.

Three-dimensional Model of the Structure and Evolution of the Coronal Mass Ejections
M. Tokman, P. Bellan, Astrophysical Journal, 567(2), pp. 1202, 2002.

Investigations into the Relationship between Spheromak, Solar and Astrophysical Plasmas
P.M. Bellan, S.C. Hsu, J.F. Hansen, M. Tokman, S.E. Pracko, C.A. Romero-Talamas, Proceedings on 19th International Atomic Energy Agency Fusion Energy Conference, Lyon, 2002.


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