Peter E. Kloeden Peter E. Kloeden


The Numerical Solution of Stochastic Differential Equations
P. E. Kloeden und E. Platen
Springer-Verlag, 1992
(überarbeitete Ausgabe 1995, zweite überarbeitete Ausgabe 1999).

The Numerical Solution of Stochastic Differential Equations through Computer Experiments,
P. E. Kloeden, E. Platen und H. Schurz,
Springer-Verlag, Universitext, 1994
(überarbeitete Ausgabe 1997).

Metric Spaces of Fuzzy Sets: Theory and Applications,
P. Diamond und P. E. Kloeden,
World Scientific, Singapur, 1994.
(PDF File containing the Pages 123-126 which are missing in the printed version.)

Chaotic Numerics: The Approximation and Computation of Complicated Dynamical Behaviour,
P. E. Kloeden und K.J. Palmer (Hrsg.),
Contemporary Math. Series, Band 172, American Math. Soc., 1994.

Das Thanatos Prinzip: Biologische Grundlagen des Alterns,
R. Rößler und P.E. Kloeden,
C.H. Beck Verlag, München, 1997.

From Elementary Probability to Stochastic Differential Equations with MAPLE,
S. Cyganowski, P.E. Kloeden and J. Ombach,
Springer-Verlag, 2001

Nonautonomous Dynamical Systems,
P.E. Kloeden and M. Rasmussen,
American Math. Soc. Providence, 2011.

Taylor Approximations of stochastic Partial Differential Equations,
A. Jentzen and P.E. Kloeden,
CBMS Lecture series,
SIAM, Philadelphia, 2011.

Semihyperbolicity and Bishadowing,
P.M. Diamond, P.E. Kloeden, V. Kozyakin and A. Pokrovskii,
e-book, 2012 AIMS; ISBN-10: 1-60133-012-X;

Recent Developments in Computational Finance: Foundations, Algorithms and Applications,
T. Gerstner and P.E. Kloeden (Editors)
World Scientific Publishing Co. Inc,, Singapur, 2013.

Stability and Bifurcation Theory for Non-Autonomous Differential Equations,
A. Capietto, P. Kloeden, J. Mawhin, S. Novo and R. Ortega,
Lecture Notes in Mathematics, Vol. 2065 (C.I.M.E. Foundation Subseries), Springer-Verlag,
Heidelberg, 2013.
Nonautonomous dynamical systems in the life sciences,
P.E. Kloeden and C. Poetzsche(Editors)
Springer Lecture Notes in Mathematics,
Mathematical Biosciences Subseries, vol. 2102, Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg, 2013.


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