Dan Boneh and Victor Shoup, A Graduate Course in Applied Cryptography Dan Boneh and Victor Shoup, A Graduate Course in Applied Cryptography

Part I: Secret key cryptography
Stream ciphers
Block ciphers
Chosen plaintext attacks
Message integrity
Message integrity from universal hashing
Message integrity from collision resistant hashing
Authenticated encryption

Part II: Public key cryptography
Public key tools
Public key encryption
Chosen ciphertext secure public-key encryption
Digital signatures
Fast signatures from one-way functions
Analysis of number theoretic assumptions
Elliptic curve cryptography and pairings
Lattice based cryptography

Part III: Protocols
Identification protocols
Signatures from identification protocols
Authenticated key exchange
Key establishment with online trusted third parties
Two-party and multi-party secure computation

Basic number theory
Basic probability theory
Basic complexity theory
Probabilistic algorithms


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