qsl.net: QRP WSPR PA2OHH, Simple QRP Equipment

qsl.net: QRP WSPR PA2OHH, Simple QRP Equipment

Operator: Onno
QTH: Zuidhorn
The Netherlands

Simple, non-professional radio technology and QRP power!
That is what you will find here. There are some complex designs but many designs are simple radio amateur circuits. They will never be used professionally!
These simple circuits and rigs can give you much fun: home brewing, portable activities during holidays, etc.
Batteries and inverted V dipole antenna’s with a fishing rod as the center support are all you need to make many QSO’s.

Simple Technology and QRP!
Simple cheap and harmless technology can give you much fun, but is not perfect… There are disadvantages like VXO control instead of a VFO, direct conversion receivers that receive both sidebands and simple frequency displays that are not so easy to read. But working with such simple equipment is often more exciting than working with a much better commercial transceiver.
Perhaps that you cannot believe that you can make many QSO’s with QRP power of only 1 watt. Indeed, some practice is needed in the beginning so do not give up too soon. Every boring standard QSO becomes an exciting experience with QRP power!

Experience that you can do much with QRP Power and Simple Technology but not everything! But barefoot technology is all you need to collect a shoe box with QSL cards and to become an enthousiast radio amateur!


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