nvidia.com: AmgX

nvidia.com: AmgX

AmgX provides a simple path to accelerated core solver technology on NVIDIA GPUs. AmgX provides up to 10x acceleration to the computationally intense linear solver portion of simulations, and is especially well suited for implicit unstructured methods.

It is a high performance, state-of-the-art library and includes a flexible solver composition system that allows a user to easily construct complex nested solvers and preconditioners.

AmgX is available with a commercial and a free license. The free license is limited to CUDA Registered Developers and non-commercial use.

Key Features

  1. Flexible configuration allows for nested solvers, smoothers, and preconditioners
  2. Ruge-Steuben algebraic multigrid
  3. Un-smoothed aggregation algebraic multigrid
  4. Krylov methods: PCG, GMRES, BiCGStab, and flexible variants
  5. Smoothers: Block-Jacobi, Gauss-Seidel, incomplete LU, Polynomial, dense LU
  6. Scalar or coupled block systems
  7. MPI support
  8. OpenMP support
  9. Flexible and simple high level C API

AmgX is free for non-commercial use and is available for download now for CUDA Registered Developers. As a registered developer you can download the latest version of AmgX, access the support forum and file bug reports. If you have not yet registered do so today.


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