Julia Evans Blog

Julia Evans Blog

Hi! I’m Julia.

I live in Montreal and work on Stripe’s machine learning team. You can find me elsewhere on the internet:

This blog is mostly about having fun with systems programming, with lots of forays into other areas. There’s a list of my favorite posts, as well as some projects I’ve worked on.

I spent the fall of 2013 at Hacker School, which houses the best programming community I’ve seen anywhere. I wrote down what I did every day while there, if you want to know what it’s like.

In the last year or two I’ve discovered that I like organizing community events and giving talks about programming. A few things I’ve worked on:

Montreal All-Girl Hack Night with my awesome friend Monica
PyLadies Montreal.
!!Con, a 2-day conference about what excites us about programming, where all the talks are lightning talks (with several amazing people)


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