Cello — High Level C

Cello — High Level C

By Daniel Holden

Cello is a library that brings higher level programming to C.

By acting as a modern, powerful runtime system Cello makes many things easy that were previously impractical or awkward in C such as:

Generic Data Structures
Polymorphic Functions
Interfaces / Type Classes
Constructors / Destructors
Optional Garbage Collection
And because Cello works seamlessly alongside standard C you get all the other benefits such as great performance, powerful tooling, and extensive libraries.

Learning Resources.

Cello World
Common Queries / Pitfalls
Articles about its creation and internal workings.

Hacking C for fun and Learning (30 min talk)
Best Improvements of Cello 2.0
A Fat Pointer Library
Cello vs C++ vs ObjC
Garbage Collection

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