Clear Linux Project for Intel Architecture Clear Linux Project for Intel Architecture

Clear Linux Project
for Intel® Architecture
The Clear Linux* Project for Intel® Architecture is a project that is building a Linux OS distribution for various cloud use cases. The goal of Clear Linux OS is to showcase the best of Intel Architecture technology, from low-level kernel features to more complex items that span across the entire operating system stack.


Clear Linux* OS for Intel® Architecture is the first Linux distribution that supports auto proxy. This allows the OS to discover a Proxy Auto-Config (PAC) script and use it to automatically resolve what proxy is needed for a given connection. Autoproxy enables end users — both internal and external to Intel — to use Clear Linux OS for Intel Architecture inside any proxy…

Function Multiversioning (FMV)

Imagine that you are developing software that could work in multiple platforms. At the end of the day, it could be running anywhere, maybe on a server or a home computer. While Intel® architecture provides many powerful instruction set extensions, it is challenging for developers to generate code that takes advantage of these capabilities.Currently, developers have these choices:Write multiple…


In support of the goal to provide an agile Linux* distribution that rapidly detects and responds to quality issues in the field, Clear Linux for Intel® Architecture includes a telemetry solution, which notes events of interest and reports them back to the development team. The solution adheres to Intel’s privacy policies regarding the collection and use of Personally Identifiable Information (PII…


For the longest time, compilers have been producing optimized binaries. However, in today’s world it can often be daunting to know exactly which optimizations — among the more than 80 options for basic optimizations — to choose, and which of those will really be of benefit to you. In the Clear Linux* Project for Intel® Architecture we use a lot of these optimizations, and one in particular…

Clear Containers

Containers are immensely popular in the cloud world. With Clear Containers we’re working on a way to improve security of containers by using Intel® Virtualization Technology (Intel® VT). We set out to build Clear Containers by leveraging the isolation of virtual-machine technology along with the deployment benefits of containers. As part of this, we let go of the “generic PC hardware”…


You just made a mistake in configuring OpenStack* on your system, and out of frustration ran the following commands on your Linux distro as root: # rm -rf /etc /var # reboot What do you think would happen? How long would it take you to recover? Without backups? With Clear Linux* OS for Intel® Architecture, the system will boot correctly! In fact, this will effectively perform a “…

Software update

Linux*-based operating systems contain the code of several hundred, if not thousands, of open source projects. To make this manageable, distributions use a concept called “packages” to configure and compile the source code of these projects into binaries, which can then be logically installed.Many distributions then combine these compiled binaries into so-called packages, resolving dependencies…

All debug information, all the time

Debug information is generated when a program is compiled from source code into a binary. Programs like the GDB debugger use the information to map machine instructions back to the original source code. Developers can then debug and analyze their programs by stepping through original source code, rather than going through the much lower level (and harder to understand) CPU instructions one by…


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