Eta Labs is a collection of projects and resources dedicated to improving the quality and efficiency of Free Software and bringing advanced functionality to lightweight applications and Linux deployments.


musl – a new standard library implementation for Linuxlibc-bench – a set of stress tests for libc implementations, measuring time and memory consumption for various interfacesuuterm – a tiny multilingual Unicode terminal emulator for X or Linux fbconpamlite – an implementation of the PAM authentication system that’s configured entirely at compile time and involves no dynamic module loading

Surveys and Reviews

Comparison of C/POSIX standard library implementations for Linux

Programming Guides

Rich’s sh (POSIX shell) tricks (robust and portable shell scripting)What is Overcommit? And why is it bad?POSIX threads, signals, and forking (coming soon)

Third-party Resources

The following are a collection of standards, articles, and papers relevant to the projects at Eta Labs and to writing efficient and correct software.

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