Matthew Might, Utah University

Matthew Might, Utah University

Matt Might
Associate Professor
Presidential Scholar

My primary research area is static analysis of higher-order programs.

My broader interests include language design, compiler implementation, security, program optimization, parallelism and program verification.

I run the U Combinator software systems research group.

I am available as an expert witness on subjects within my expertise. With respect to my reports, I am willing to be deposed and to testify.

My son Bertrand was the first patient ever discovered with a rare disorder known as N-Glycanase deficiency. I wrote an essay about the process of scientific discovery, and the aftermath has been covered by an article in The New Yorker and in Der Spiegel. Learn more at


Spring 2015: Compilers.
Spring 2014: Scripting Languages.
Fall 2013: Advanced Compilers.
Spring 2013: Compilers.
Spring 2012: Scripting Languages.
Spring 2011: Compilers.
Fall 2009: Advanced topics in compilation.
Spring 2009: Programming language analysis.
Spring 2009: Static analysis seminar.

Blog is really just a collection of short articles.

Here are the 7 most recent:

HOWTO: Get tenure
Counting hash collisions with the birthday paradox
Parsing BibTeX into S-Expressions, JSON, XML and BibTeX
Low-level web programming in Racket
Rare disease match-making via the internet
Desugaring regular operations in context-free grammars
Meeting notes: Small thoughts on large cohorts


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