Typeset In The Future

Typeset In The Future

Typography and font choice are often used to create a sense of futurism in movies. Indeed, it’s got to the point where you can set your calendar to FUTURE simply from the presence of Eurostile Bold Extended on the wall of a passing spaceship.

This site is dedicated to typography and iconography as it appears in sci-fi and fantasy movies and TV shows. It’s inspired by the Typeset In The Future trope I added to TV Tropes. (If you know of more good sci-fi font examples, please do add them to that page.)

It’s based on the following principle:

(Yes, that is a Gill Sans capital letter O.)

However, there’s a deeper mission at work. In fact, I’ll let you in on a secret: this blog isn’t really about typography at all. It’s about storytelling through design. I wasn’t aware of this when I started, but here we are.

This site is written and curated by Dave Addey. You can find me at @daveaddey on Twitter.


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