My name is Tom. Eight years ago I created the fun programming game AntMe! to act on my conviction that the shortage of skilled workers in our IT industry was related to the inadequate and outdated learning materials used by our education system.

Students need to experience flashes of successes—it’s those moments of revelation when you see a concept in action and understand: I did that, and I know how I did it, that make learning fun and lead to enduring interest in the subject. And that’s exactly what makes AntMe! so successful. Students quickly begin writing their first lines of code and bringing the ants to life. It’s fun, it’s exciting, and it brings boys and, crucially, girls as well closer to IT in a playful way.

My goal is to offer the game for free to schools and universities—but to do that, I need your support. If you’re a company that depends on well-trained IT experts, or if you train them yourself, then let’s discuss a sponsoring or investment package. I appreciate every kind of support.


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