Arvind Narayanan — Princeton

Arvind Narayanan — Princeton

I’m an assistant professor of computer science at Princeton. I research and teach information privacy and security, and moonlight in technology policy.

I’m a co-appointed faculty member at the Center for IT Policy and an affiliate scholar at Stanford Law School’s CIS. Earlier I was a post-​doctoral researcher at Stanford and did my Ph.D. at UT Austin. (Bio)

You can follow my work via my blogging at Freedom to Tinker and 33 Bits of Entropy, and on Twitter here.

Web privacy

I lead Princeton’s Web Transparency and Accountability Project. We use large-scale, automated web measurement to uncover how companies are collecting and using our personal information.

Previously I helped develop the Do Not Track standard and worked on privacy-enhancing technologies for the web.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

We’ve developed an online course and accompanying textbook on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, as well as a systematization​-​of-knowledge paper.

We also have a variety of ongoing research relating to the security, anonymity, and stability of cryptocurrencies, and the use of Bitcoin as a platform.

Big data: anonymity, privacy, ethics

My Ph.D. research on “de-anonymization” showed that the level of anonymity that companies claim to provide in published databases is fundamentally unrealizable.

I also work on privacy-preserving data publishing using machine learning and study ethical questions arising from big-​data-driven inference and discrimination.


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