Lloyd Nick Trefethen Talks

Lloyd Nick Trefethen Talks

Nick Trefethen Talks (selection)
Initial-value problems and a new ODE textbook (Strathclyde Numerical Analysis, June 2015)
Chebfun (video) (SIAM Past-President’s Address, July 2013)
Chebfun as a software project (ICMS 2014, Korea, July 2014)
From iterative Gaussian elimination to Chebfun2 (OCCAM Conference, Oxford, July 2013)
Pseudospectra and EigTool (video) (U. of Cambridge, March 2009)
Introduction to Chebfun (video) (U. of Cambridge, July 2011 — starts at 2:40)
Six myths of polynomial interpolation (IMA/Royal Society, June 2011)
Chebfun: A new kind of numerical computing (U. of Heidelberg, May 2010)
CF approximation 30 years later (ETH Zurich, August 2009)
Continuous analogues of QR, SVD, and LU (Householder Symposium, June 2008)
Speeding up numerical computations via conformal maps (Texas Tech University, October 2007)
Is Gauss quadrature better than Clenshaw-Curtis? (SIAM Annual Meeting, July 2006)
Lewy-Hörmander nonexistence and pseudospectra (SIAM PDE Meeting, July 2006)
Talbot quadratures and rational approximations (SIAM/GAMM Applied Linear Algebra, July 2006)
Spectra and Pseudospectra (Householder Symposium, May 2005)
Who invented the great numerical algorithms? (Various places, 2005)
Eigenmodes of drums and physics Nobel Prizes (Rice University, November 2005)


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