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Background Topics April 11, 2016Air density and temperature April 13, 2016Air Properties April 13, 2016Boundary Layer March 5, 2016Coordinate System April 15, 2016Uncertainty March 1, 2016Calibration April 11, 2016Pitot Test March 4, 2016Pitot-Static Probe Calibrator March 4, 2016Site setup March 4, 2016Compensation April 11, 2016Inertial Measurement Unit PlacementMarch 1, 2016Pitot Correction for Position and Angular Rates March 4, 2016Computational Fluid Dynamics April 11, 2016CFD Flow in a Pipe March 1, 2016Von Kármán Street Tutorial March 1, 2016Construction April 11, 2016Altimeter System Integration March 3, 2016Flanged Pitot March 7, 2016Design April 11, 2016Air Data Boom Requirements March 4, 2016Angle of Attack Vane March 7, 2016Nose Cone Pitot Probe InstallationMarch 4, 2016Pitot Lag Simulation March 1, 2016Pitot-Static Probe March 1, 2016Power System Reliability Considerations March 11, 2016Wing Tip Pitot Probe installation March 4, 2016Measurement April 11, 2016State Estimation GPS Altimeter March 1, 2016References March 9, 2016


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