Ben Balter at GitHub

Ben Balter at GitHub

Ben Balter
Attorney, open source developer, product manager
The missed opportunity that is the White House Open Source Policy April 11, 2016
Optimizing for power users and edge cases is the easy part March 08, 2016
How to derail any meeting January 15, 2016
The six types of pull requests you see on GitHub December 08, 2015
Open source as Yelp for software December 08, 2015
Why open source November 23, 2015
Four characteristics of modern collaboration tools November 18, 2015
Why everything should have a URL November 12, 2015
The three biggest challenges in government IT October 18, 2015
Bringing open source workflows to the enterprise September 21, 2015
How to add an “improve this content” button to your GitHub Pages site September 13, 2015
How GitHub uses automated testing to empower developers to write less-corporate blog posts September 10, 2015
Five principles to guide any government IT effort August 23, 2015
The Zen of GitHub August 12, 2015
Speak like a human: 12 ways tech companies can write less-corporate blog posts July 20, 2015
Open procurement: procurement in an increasingly open source world July 11, 2015
Merge by committee June 22, 2015
Using GitHub Pages to showcase your organization’s open source efforts June 11, 2015
Copyright notices for open source projects June 03, 2015
Test your content May 22, 2015
Analysis of federal .gov domains, 2015 edition May 11, 2015
Eight lessons learned hacking on GitHub Pages for six months April 27, 2015
The difference between 18F and USDS April 22, 2015
19 reasons why technologists don’t want to work at your government agency April 21, 2015
Five best practices in open source: external engagement March 17, 2015
Five best practices in open source: internal collaboration March 08, 2015
Explain like I’m five: Jekyll collections February 20, 2015
Why your agency’s first open source project is going to be a flop February 11, 2015
Diff (and collaborate on) Microsoft Word documents using GitHub February 06, 2015
What does your organization optimize for? January 27, 2015
The fine print nobody reads: what to do so government can use your service January 26, 2015
Hacking GitHub: 12 simple tools to help introduce open source to the uninitiated January 11, 2015
Why you should care about HTTPS, even if you have nothing to hide January 06, 2015
Geeks and suits December 18, 2014
The myth of government IT December 17, 2014
A White House open source policy written by a geek November 24, 2014
15 rules for communicating at GitHub November 06, 2014
What is a Government Evangelist? October 15, 2014
What’s next for federal IT policy, IMHO October 15, 2014
Eight reasons why government contractors should embrace open source software October 08, 2014
Everything a government attorney needs to know about open source software licensing October 08, 2014
If you liked it then you should have put a URL on it October 07, 2014
Disclosed source is not the same as open source September 29, 2014
Our code deserves better September 29, 2014
Open source is (not) insecure September 22, 2014
Three things you learn going from the most bureaucratic organization in the world to the least August 24, 2014
Why isn’t all government software open source? August 03, 2014
Why FedRAMP actually makes it harder for government agencies to move to the cloud July 29, 2014
Analysis of Federal Executive .Govs (Part Deux) July 07, 2014
How to identify a strong open source project June 02, 2014
Open government is so ‘08, or why collaborative government is the next big thing June 02, 2014
Word versus Markdown: more than mere semantics March 31, 2014
Want to innovate government? Focus on culture March 21, 2014
Header hover anchor links on GitHub Pages using Jekyll March 13, 2014
Open source, not just software anymore January 27, 2014
Why no one uses your government data December 30, 2013
That’s not how the internet works November 21, 2013
Jekyll: Where content is truly king October 30, 2013
Ten Things You Learn As A Presidential Innovation Fellow September 30, 2013
Treat Data As Code September 16, 2013
Friction August 11, 2013
Everyone Contributes August 11, 2013
Bet on the little guy July 02, 2013
The technology’s the easy part July 01, 2013
How to convert Shapefiles to GeoJSON maps for use on GitHub (and why you should) June 26, 2013
An open letter to government CIOs June 12, 2013
We’ve Been Selling Open Source Wrong May 14, 2013
The store that sells only one thing. February 27, 2013
What is a ‘Hacker’? February 16, 2013
The next big thing is already here February 06, 2013
What is a ‘Hacker’? February 04, 2013
Introducing JekyllBot December 27, 2012
Securing the Status Quo December 26, 2012
Deprecate Management December 16, 2012
Why WordPress’s next version should just give it a REST already December 15, 2012
We’ve been trained to make paper October 19, 2012
Open Source is not a verb October 15, 2012
Open Source for Government October 09, 2012
Welcome to the Post-CMS World October 01, 2012
Government’s Release of Federally Funded Source Code: Public Domain or Open Source? Yes. July 26, 2012
The Demise of the Personal Dashboard July 10, 2012
Why You Should Always Write Software as Open Source, Even When It’s Never Going to Be June 26, 2012
Publishing Government Data That Developers Will Actually Use June 02, 2012
Free Yourself from the Tyranny of Sharepoint May 10, 2012
WordPress as a Collaboration Platform May 08, 2012
Enterprise Open Source Usage Is Up, But Challenges Remain April 23, 2012
Hacks/Hackers Swells to more than 10,000 Members April 19, 2012
CFPB Accepts First Citizen-Submitted Code on Behalf of Federal Government April 15, 2012
What’s Missing from CFPB’s Awesome New Source Code Policy April 10, 2012
WordPress for Government – A Problem of Perception March 05, 2012
PHP is Insecure (and Other Enterprise Open-Source F.U.D.) March 02, 2012
GitHub for Journalism — What WordPress Post Forking could do to Editorial Workflows February 28, 2012
Open-Source Alternatives to Proprietary Enterprise Software February 27, 2012
Towards a More Agile Government November 29, 2011
Making WordPress More Shareable, Sociable, and Likeable November 14, 2011
Federal Agility: a Cultural Solution to a Technical Problem November 01, 2011
Why Digital Talent Doesn’t Want To Work At Your Company October 29, 2011
Advanced Workflow Management Tools for WP Document Revisions October 24, 2011
Analysis of Federal Executive .Govs September 07, 2011
Why WordPress September 01, 2011
Enterprise, Open Source, and Why Better is not Enough August 31, 2011
WP Document Revisions — Document Management and Version Control for WordPress August 29, 2011
Google Analytics Tracking of JetPack (Sharedaddy) Social Engagement June 30, 2011
Groupon and LivingSocial: a Limited-Time Offer June 16, 2011
What’s Your Hosting Company’s Average Subpoena Response Time? May 10, 2011
Fair Use, Excerpting, and Copying Content in the Internet Ecosystem April 27, 2011
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Code April 12, 2011
When all you have is a pair of bolt cutters… April 04, 2011
Regular Expression to Parse Word-style Footnotes into WordPress’s Simple Footnotes Format March 20, 2011
Using WordPress to Craft Your Personal Brand March 09, 2011
A Site By Any Other Name… February 03, 2011
GW Course Schedule and Campus API January 25, 2011
WordPress Emphasis Plugin: Highlight and Permalink Text January 11, 2011
Twitter Goes to Bat for WikiLeaks, RTs @FBI’s Court Order January 11, 2011
The Files “in” the Computer – Zoolander and the California Supreme Court January 04, 2011
Late-Night Infomercials: Guaranteed to Extend the 4th Amendment or Your Money Back December 20, 2010
The Internet is Series of Tubes (oh, and Tollgates too) December 01, 2010
Twitter Mentions as Comments WordPress Plugin November 29, 2010
Free Trade in China? Just Google it. November 29, 2010
Will Federal Contracting Officers Soon Have Their Heads in the Clouds? November 15, 2010
What Fourteen-Century Apple Pie Teaches Us About Sharing November 08, 2010
Removing the Barriers to Organizational Agility November 06, 2010
Does Every Cloud Have a Silver Lining? October 10, 2010
New Media Flak: Megaphone vs. Cocktail Party September 13, 2010
WordPress Resume Plugin September 12, 2010
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