Dr. Craig Wright Blog

Dr. Craig Wright Blog

Dr. Craig Wright Blog


Dr. Craig Steven Wright is an Australian computer scientist, businessman and inventor. Born October 1970, in Brisbane, Queensland.

Wright graduated from high school in 1987 from Padua College in Brisbane and studied engineering at the University of Queensland, switching to computer science in his fourth year. He later studied nuclear physics and organic chemistry (fuel sciences).

Wright held positions at Corporate Express (formerly WPA), a Sydney IT solutions company; OzEmail; and the Australian Stock Exchange, dealing with security and firewalls. Wright continued his studies, gaining a Masters in Statistics from the University of Newcastle, a Masters in Law from Northumbria University, and several IT- and management-related masters from Charles Sturt University. During a 5-year period at Charles Sturt University, he held positions as a lecturer, adjunct lecturer and researcher in computer science.

He has a Doctorate in Theology and has submitted his completed thesis for his second Doctorate in Computer Science. Wright has completed over 30 SANS Institute courses, has a Masters in Science from STI and was the world’s first person to receive GIAC certification in Compliance and Audits. Wright was also a SANS Institute Mentor. Wright holds GSE, GSE-Malware and GSE-Compliance certifications, among others, from GIAC; and has authored and co-authored several books including, The IT Regulatory and Standards Compliance Handbook: How to Survive Information Systems Audit and Assessments.

Dr Craig Wright has held several senior executive positions with companies focused on cryptocurrency and smart contracts, digital forensics and IT security.

He was Vice President of CSCSS (Centre for Strategic Cyberspace and Security Science) with a focus on collaborating government bodies in securing cyber systems. Wright has trained government and corporate departments in SCADA Security, Cyber Warfare and Cyber Defence.

He was also involved in designing the architecture for the world’s first online casino (Lasseter’s) and the systems that protected the Australian Stock Exchange.

With over 10 years of direct digital forensic experience and more than 20 years in IT security, Wright is one of the most highly qualified digital forensic practitioners globally and is a sought-after public speaker both locally and internationally, while also presenting his latest research findings at academic conferences.

He is currently working towards regulation and acceptance of virtual currencies. In addition to his security engagements, Wright has also authored many IT security related articles and books. Wright is currently undertaking a Master of Science and Finance at University of London.



Our vision is to create a forum about bitcoin, which dispels myths and helps to unleash its potential.


Bitcoin and the blockchain can change the world for the better. Unfortunately, there are a number of inaccuracies and misconceptions out there.

That is why we created this blog. We want it to become a pre-eminent source of information for all things bitcoin, educating people about the science and economics behind it.

Our aim is to not only dispel myths. With your intellectual contributions, we want to create a forum to enlighten developers and producers with the facts, and by doing so, encourage the widespread use of the cryptocurrency.

We will strive for an ongoing quest for excellence in all our operations, from assembling a diverse workforce of high-calibre individuals, to deepening their understanding of this disruptive technology.

By creating a world-class forum, we believe we can remove the fear surrounding bitcoin and the blockchain, and help unlock the remarkable potential of both.


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