Daymak e-bikes

Daymak e-bikes




Daymak started in a garage back in 2001

Back in 2001, Aldo Baiocchi was trying to find the perfect gift for his daughter Daniela. He decided on an electric scooter. Unfortunately it seemed very difficult to find one. Finally he ordered one from the US but nobody would ship it to Canada. He then decided that there was a market for these scooters. After a few months of research he imported a container from China and DAYMAK was born (D-Daniela -A-ldo).. Unfortunately it was seized at Canada Customs because it did not meet Transport Canada standards.

After that expensive lesson Daymak imported electric bicycles (2002) and got everything pre-approved. The operations started from a 300 sq. foot garage. Due to too many kids knocking at the door after hours operations had to be moved to a store. From 300 sq. foot location we now have a 30,000 feet location (that’s 100 times bigger) and we have over 100 dealers!
Daymak has reached the fastest growing companies in 2011. Profit 100, Profit 200 and Profit 500 (2013). Daymak has been named one of the Greenest companies in Ontario and it’s products have won several awards including Cleantech North Award, most innovative products at CES 2012 from Scientific American and Top 100 Bike designs. Our goal is to give freedom of mobility while reducing the carbon foot print one client at a time!
2014 Daymak launched the Daymak Drive System – The Daymak Drive System is a revolutionary self-charging system made up of four key components: a solar wireless motorized wheel, a solar wireless throttle assembly, a solar pedal assist system, and a solar smart key.


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