GigaByke Scooters / E-Bikes

GigaByke Scooters / E-Bikes

GigaByke is more than just a E-Bike – it’s the most powerful E-bike in the world. We pared no expense in outfitting it with a 750 Watt 48 Volt Motor.


Wheel base: 45 inches
Dimensions: 64.7″(L) x 24.4″(W) x 39.7″(H)
Tire: 16″ (diameter) x 3″ (width)
Total with Battery: 180 LBS
Weight without Battery: 143 LBS
Maximum Speed
Max Speed: 20 MPH
Max Pedal Speed: 4 MPH
Battery Information
Type: Sillicon Lead-Acid
Battery Life: 35 miles*
Capacity: 14 Ah
Voltage: 48 V
Motor Specifications
Motor Power: 750 Watt
Maximum Load: 250 LBS
Occupancy: 2 Persons


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