Blog by Isis Agora Lovecruft

Blog by Isis Agora Lovecruft

My name is Isis Agora Lovecruft. I do lots of things and wander the planet.

I double majored in Theoretical Physics, and English Literature, the latter with a specialisation in Feminist Critical Theory. I used to say that, some day, when I’m bored with my current work and adventures, I would continue my formal education to obtain a doctorate in theoretical physics and contribute towards current research on string cosmology and unified field theories. The trouble with that route, as I have come to believe, is that, were I to make some discovery, it would be roughly thirty years before experimental verification, and then another ten or so before application in either some weapons system to make the powerful more powerful or in a more efficient energy system to make the rich more rich. Instead, I’ll be doing a Ph.D. in Cryptology, likely studying post-quantum cryptography. At least it’ll be easier to put more accurate bounds on the probability that my research goes towards evening the playing field.

I am an anarchist! And when I say that, I do not simply mean that I would like to see all States destroyed, social hierarchies crumble, and state capitalism perish. I mean that I believe inequalities in power dynamics pose a hindrance to the progression of human thought and scientific understanding, that the overall degrees of freedom for collected conscious agents should be maximised, and that all forms of government are intrinsically immoral due to their disregard of individual consent. I don’t believe in control even down to the microcosmic, interpersonal level. Expressed more colloquially: “fuck you, you’re not my dad! make total destroy! kill it with fire.

I write. I’ve been known to grace the interwebz (and occasionally print publications) with my science fiction, memoirs and other tall tales of my exploits and adventures, and erotica. Lately, I haven’t had much time to write stories readable by mere humans — instead, I’ve been working on fairy tales for little robots, in the hope that when they grow up, they’ll be joining us in the revolution…or, at the very least, that they’ll enable their human comrades with means for free communication, privacy, anonymity, and all the digital tricks and tools they’ll need while making the world a bit saner.

I am also a musician. I have been classically trained at piano, and have played for twenty years. I also play accordion, ten or so other instruments, and lately I’ve been using tape loops to make more experimental music. I’m also working on a bytebeat album in Python, published as tweets.


Please feel free to contact me with questions, bug reports, and proposals, or for heated debates on any number of topics, potential friendship, and collaboration! Though, please keep in mind that I’m doing all of the things, so, if you’re dangling from a burning rope over a shark tank, then I might not be the best person to call.

A signed, timestamped copy of my various public keys can be found here. In the future, that text file will include signed notices of any key updates I decide to make.

Ⓐ♥ isis


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