Blog by Peteris Krumins

Blog by Peteris Krumins

My name is Peteris Krumins and I love mathematics, physics, computer science and entrepreneurship! I run a cross-browser testing company called Browserling in the Bay Area. I’m a mentor and Hacker in Residence at Hackers & Founders and H/F Co-Op, world’s largest startup network and a Silicon Valley startup incubator. I’m an advisor at June, a company that reinvents recruiting. I’m also chief technology advisor at Bloomsbury Health, an NHS healthcare innovation company. I’m a published author with No Starch Press and I’ve a degree in physics. I’m also an expert chess player and a certified chess coach, and I’ve over 15 years of programming experience in 7 companies.

There is an awesome reason why I didn’t study computer science. By the time I graduated high school I already had several years of real-world experience working as a Perl and PHP developer, as a Linux sysadmin at an ISP, and as C and C++ programmer at an embedded systems company. I also did tons of contract work in just about any language you can imagine. I am a self-taught hacker. I learned everything on my own just by doing it, which gave me unique skills in computing. If I had chosen to study computer science, I’d have wasted so much time studying what I already knew. Instead I chose physics and now I am pretty good at it, too.

As of March 2010, I am working on my own startup together with James Halliday in the area of virtual machines and cloud computing. We’re making virtual machines available on the web and fun to use. See the announcement post “I am doing a startup – StackVM.” In October 2010 we both moved to Silicon Valley to get the startup going and in November 2010 we announced out first product that’s built on top of StackVM and it’s called Browserling. Browserling is interactive browser testing service that allows you to use all the browsers from your browser. The browsers run in virtual machines and are presented in your browser through StackVM technology. In February 2011 we incorporated Browserling Inc, and in March 2011 we raised our first seed round, which was lead by David Weekly. He interviewed us on the day we raised the round, listen to the interview on The David Weekly Podcast. Here is a picture of me and James Halliday with investment checks, agreement and David Weekly:

James Halliday, David Weekly, Peteris Krumins

My hobby is learning programming languages and watching video lectures. A few years ago I started the Free Science Online blog where I post all the free video lectures that I can find online. I also started Free Science Video website where I post various interesting science clips.

The goal of this website is to put all my knowledge and ideas out for everyone to read. I have so many ideas that it would be foolish not to write about them. I am currently putting out only a tiny fraction of everything that I know. Perhaps 1%. Be sure to subscribe to my blog to get the other 99% as I develop a better web platform for sharing my knowledge.

Here’s a brief overview things I’ve done over the years:

In 2016 I launched Browserling’s nerdy web comic, went viral with it, created Browserling’s Web Developer Tools, created Safari Extension for Browserling, and joined Bloomsbury Health, an NHS Healthcare Innovation company as a chief technology advisor.

In 2015 I gave Browserling a new look, launched Browserling’s Live API, Browserling’s browser extensions (for Chrome, Firefox, Opera), Browserling’s Bug Hunter, joined June Inc as a technical advisor, became Hacker-in-Residence at Hackers & Founders, and kept writing articles that got over a million views.

In 2014 I kept improving Browserling and Testling, and wrote a bunch of interesting articles, including Top 10 Browserling Inventions.

In 2013 I became a published author with No Starch Press, published yet another 10 projects to GitHub and kept building Browserling and Testling.

In 2012 I grew Browserling to 200 customers, and wrote my third book called Perl One-Liners Explained. It’s similar to my previous two books and and it teaches Perl through 130 well-explained examples.

In 2011 I incorporated Browserling Inc, raised funding for Browserling, and created Testling.

In June of 2011 I also self-published my first book. It’s called Awk One-Liners Explained and it’s about short Awk programs for various text processing tasks, such as numbering lines, printing selective lines, merging and splitting lines, and many others. Really fun stuff and useful to know, too, since it makes you so much more productive when working with text files.

In September of 2011 I wrote my second book called Sed One-Liners Explained. It’s similar to Awk One-Liners Explained and teaches sed, the superman of Unix stream editing, through 100 practical examples.

In 2010 I created StackVM, Browserling, joined Hackers & Founders, and published another 20 projects to GitHub.

In 2009 I joined Plurk as Hacker Extraordinaire, wrote a Python library for scraping Google Search, Google Sets, Google Translate and Google Sponsored Links, and published 30 projects to GitHub.

In 2008 I wrote The Definitive Guide to Bash History and created Reddit River, Reddit Top and Hacker News Top. I also got a physics degree this year just for fun.

In 2007 I started this blog and created Reddit Media, DigPicz, and PicURLs.

In 2006, inspired by ShoeMoney and John Chow, I became fascinated by online marketing. I created a network of 50+ MFA sites and made $100k+ with Adsense, TLA, CPX Interactive, Auction Ads, Clickbank and Amazon affiliates. I also created Winamp Music Reporter for Digital Point Forums.

In 2005 I became one of world’s top Brainbench certificate holders with 49 certificates in pretty much every computing area. At that time I held one of top positions in world’s general Linux certification leaderboard with a score 4.91/5.00. Only a couple people had the perfect score 5.0/5.0. Here are a few certificated they sent me.

In 2004 I got my fourth job as an embedded Linux systems programmer. I improved RC4 algorithm speed in assembly, etc. I also created a unique Physical Alarm System for a security company.

In 2003 I created a unique IDS/IPS system based on Linux networking stack, Snort and Zorp, worked as a white hat. Usenet was my home back then.

In 2002 I got my second job as a Perl, PHP, HTML, CSS and Javascript programmer, and later that year I also got my third job as a Linux sysadmin at an ISP. I also started my first ever blog this year. (Got to restore it from backups some day.)

In 2001 I got my first job as a C programmer and created a unique electronic door controlling software in C that ran on DOS and was controlling doors through the parallel port.

In 1999-2000 I started my first online company that sold movies and music. I learned mIRC scripting, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Visual Basic and other languages. I wrote my own IRC client, ran a network of Eggdrop bots and took over channels on IRCNet. I was an op in about 20 channels. I was an uncontrollable bad kid on the Internet.


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