A head-up display for the car A head-up display for the car

How does it attach to the dashboard?

Both adjustable and compact mounts stick to the surface — and by surface we mean any dashboard surface — thanks to the industrial strength adhesive. It firmly holds the accessory, and is completely removable, too. Looks like it needs a proper illustration. In the next update we’ll shoot a video about it.

How does it work in daylight?

Daytime driving. Performance depends upon time of day and brightness of the sunshine. Let me explain. In general, you can see the image clearly in HUDWAY Glass. Not unexpectedly, the level of detail that you can see at night is not present during daylight hours. Large image objects (arrows, lane markings and such) have good resolution but smaller image objects (text and numbers) may be a bit harder to discern. For example, in Awesome HUD there is a compass that is displayed on top that fades out a bit. This issue can be corrected somewhat by adjusting the angle of the glass but it is still present to some extent.
Whenever you drive directly into the sun, the performance degrades significantly to the extent that the smaller image objects disappear.
However, the large image objects remain visible. This is to be expected but cannot really be helped unless you can adjust the brightness of the display on your device so that it reflects better onto HUDWAY Glass».

And, this clearly explains why HUDWAY app deliberately avoids small elements (like texts or icons), and shows only the most important info — shows it large. Also, the visual info is supported (or duplicated) with voice assistant.


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