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Feb 2014

Game Programming Blogs

I use RSS/Atom to read news. It’s a great technology because I can have news from many different websites displayed in a single browser and formatted in one style. I used desktop reader applications, then moved to Google Reader and after it has been closed, moved to The Old Reader. Now The Old Reader changes rules so that free account can have maximum 100 feeds. I had more than that because I used to add feeds from all the interesting blogs I came across over the years. I don’t have enough time to read everything what’s new in all of them, so today I’ve just exported the list of these blogs and I’d like to share it with you here. These are mostly developer blogs about game development, graphics programming (rendering) or just C++/native programming, geometry/math etc. Some of them are updated frequently and some left inactive for a long time. Some are written by professionals and some by amateurs. You can also find more such blogs and other websites under rendering tag in my Pinboard bookmarks. Here are my exported feeds:

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