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Hi, before starting, just a few words:
Since the purpose of the Web is to convey information, I use old-style HTML (something before the never approved HTML 3.0), so that I can reach as many browsers as possible. Therefore, I tried to make all my pages work with even really old web browsers as well as PDA/cell phone browsers that sure can do without extra bloat. Who needs flashy anyway? (incidently, I wrote this before adobe flash even existed :-))

Here is some basic information about myself:
I’ve been a Linux sysadmin most of my career, and started using linux before companies had heard about it, and were using it (1993). While I did learn other unix systems like SunOs, Solaris, AUX, AIX, Irix to name just those, I turned out not to have to work on those much and spent most of my time on linux back then, and even more so now.
Right after school, I moved to the Silicon Valley and got to work for a few noteworthy companies like Network Appliance, Silicon Graphics, VA Linux Systems, and then Google).
Personal Stuff

As hinted above, I am a Linux enthousiast. You can read more about what I’ve done with linux, and the conference reports I’ve written on my linux page. I learned linux back when there weren’t any books, and you’d learn from a few sometimes half obsolete howtos on the net, comp.os.linux, and many hours at home play with stuff until it worked 🙂 (even had a full mail + news system with uucp over tcp working).
I’ve admined several mailing lists, and been general sysadmin and listmaster for a few tens of thousand lists on In the process, I had to write some net rants (or clue sticks) which for a while, I had to reference to almost on a daily basis during my work days as a sysadmin, especially for sourceforge (BTW, mailing lists that force a reply-to to the list are inherently broken, read this page to see why).
Should you care, my Kevin Bacon number is 3 🙂 thanks to a role in the Revolution OS documentary.
What I do for fun

I also have blog excerpts or pages on various topics of interest to me:
Linux page and Linux posts
Learning to Fly, and flying small planes
Scuba Diving
Clubbing and Trance (including Ibiza in 2004)
Burning Man
How I enjoy cars, and driving them hard (like in Autocrosses, Track Events, or Spirited Club Drives)
An older page I maintained on Halloween, and visits to the Exotic Erotic Ball
A recounting of my experience with Lasik eye surgery
Various Thoughs and Comments
Other things

All my linux related stuff
As my first review of a non linux product, I have a Compact Digital Cameras with 7-10x zoom Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ3 vs Ricoh Caplio R6 review (and other 7-10x zoom compact cameras like the Canon Powershot TX1, Casio Exilim EX-V7, Samsung NV7 Ops, and Nikon Coolpix S10)
Another Camera comparison a few years later New Compact High Zoom Camera: Panasonic DMC-ZS7 (TZ10) vs Sony Cybershot DSC-HX5 vs Canon PowerShot SX210 IS vs Samsung HZ35W/WB650 vs Ricoh CX3.
I have theory that says that people often complain about not having been lucky on something. If only… they say…
The thing is that they forget all the times they have been lucky, or even very lucky. Well, should something ever happen to me that people consider very unlucky, you may want to reconsider after reading this page which lists just a few of the times I’ve been lucky or even extremely lucky.

Random links
My CV/Resume (please note, I’m not looking for a job)
An old but still good collection of documents on writing HTML pages, CGI scripts and so forth that I put together. Most of it is old, but that’s actually a feature, it’s good old compatible HTML 🙂
Old Banks of icons, lines, and images I made while I was webmaster at Efrei eons ago
Links to some of my friends
Jean MERLIN, magicien, illusioniste, tours et livres de magie
Why jetstar sucks
Why Comcast sucks on so many levels, it’s not even funny, I wrote here why comcast customer service is horrible and they’ll cut you off with no recourse, or why Comcast’s HDTV can look worse than a video streamed on the internet, and why Comcast’s TV channel bundle pricing it monopolistic and how the internet will eat them alive.
a few personal links


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