Caleb Doxsey

Caleb Doxsey

Caleb Doxsey

Hi I’m Caleb Doxsey and welcome to my website. I’m a software developer interested in a lot of different languages and technologies.

If you’d like to contact me, you can email me here:


2015 – DataDog: Software Engineer
2013 – Gnip: Software Developer
2012 – SendHub: Web Developer, Android Developer
2011 – Trada: Web Developer
2006 – Markit on Demand: Web Developer

2016 – Introducing Go: Build Reliable, Scalable Programs, O’Reilly Media
2012 – An Introduction to Programming in Go, self-published

2006 – Auburn University: B.S. in Computer Science
Some personal stuff: I’m an evangelical, born-again Christian with a more than passing interest in theology and philosophy (and honestly just about any -y). I lean conservative, play guitar (classical and acoustic), enjoy video and board games, and blog haphazardly here.

© 2016 Caleb Doxsey (Email)


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