What is the price for a PODBIKE®? And when will it be on the market?
Estimated price for base model delivered in Norway in 2018 will be NOK 50.000 (incl. sales tax/ VAT of 25%). Information related to shipping costs for export will be updated in 2018.
PODBIKEⓇ will be launched in Norway in 2018. Followed by the Nordics and then rest of Europe. Which countries depends on market demand and received pre-orders.
What is the full spec for Podbike®?
The full spec is yet to be finalized but here are some preliminary spec (may change):
Size: 2300 mm long, 799 mm wide, 1100 mm tall (ride height), 1500 mm tall (raised)
Weight when empty: Between 40 to 50 kg (includes 60 km battery range)
Max weight when laden: 200 kg
Occupancy: PodbikeⓇ has room for 1 adult + lot of luggage, or less luggage and a child
Child seat (optional): Up to six years / 25 kg (whatever comes first)
Towing hitch: Yes (optional)
Max speed: 60 kph
Max assisted speed: 25 kph for EN 15194 compliant version
Air & rolling resistance target: Max 100W for 30 kph, about the same as a racing bike
Compliance to EN 15194 safety standard for electric assisted cycles. Podbike is designed to be a EPAC/Pedelec within regulations as defined for EU; i.e. max assisted speed 25 kph, max continous assist power 250W and assist cease to function if cyclist stop pedaling
US & Canadian legislation compliance is under consideration
Does it accommodate taller riders?
Yes, the PODBIKEⓇ accomodate riders between 150 and 195 cm. We adapt the PodbikeⓇ to different cyclists by a) adjusting position of pedal generator, b) adjusting rake of seat, c) adjusting steering position. All these adjustments can be done in seconds without tools to accommodate most riders.
May I bring more than one child?
Yes, by using the optional towing hitch a PODBIKEⓇ can transport two kids in a trailer, in addition to one child in the optional child seat.
Can you send me literature on this product? Like more technical information.
Please register your contact information via our web page to get access to further technical documentation (downloads).
Alternative, you can Google the master thesis «Velomobile:Redefined» written by the innovator/ product developer/ founder Per Hassel Sørensen.
Does it lock securely?
The PODBIKEⓇ has a canopy that can be locked. But it is a cycle for pedaling so it has to be made of light materials. Those materials will not keep a determined thief away. But we consider offering an alarm or other means to prevent theft.
Have you made a working prototype of the bike?
The Podbike team is currently busy building the first two complete and functional prototypes which will be ready during Q2 2017. During Q2 and Q3 another 10 x testpilots will be built and tested locally in different environments.
The PODBIKEⓇ is a vehicle with some brand new solutions and some not so new. Some of these solutions has been tested by members of the team for years. Per Hassel Sørensen, the Founder and Product developer of PODBIKEⓇ has been using a velomobile modified with electric assist for many years.
Other solutions are quite new and has not been tested yet, so there is still some risks involved. A “mule” used for testing the series hybrid propulsion system was finished in 2016.
What if I need more range than 60 km? And what if I need more range than 180 km?
We plan to use a modular battery system that can be doubled to 120 km or tripled to 180 km by simply adding more battery packs in parallel. Extra batteries can be left installed in the PODBIKEⓇ. As these extra packs adds weight, they could alternatively be brought along only when necessary. Battery is removable so that charging can be performed independent of vehicle. That is quite important for cyclist who ride in very cold weather or lack charging possibilities where the Podbike is parked.
If you need more than 180km: it is possible to bring even more battery packs as luggage and swap batteries when needed.
Can I travel without charging?
PODBIKEⓇ is a very efficient vehicle so it is fully possible to travel at reduced speed without electric assist. Then the range is limited only by the rider’s stamina. But unlike many other ebikes it has brakes with efficient energy harvesting. When using the motors as brakes the energy goes into the standard battery, so that nasty hill ahead becomes less steep.
Is it suitable for hot weather? Any cross ventilation to the interior/ rider?
We have put much effort into trying to solve cooling in best possible ways. We plan to use both IR reflective coating on the surface and IR filter in the material of the canopy. We also plan to offer a removable internal sun shadow made of light fabric as seen on front windows on some tourist buses. In addition the ventilation has large capacity and can be further enhanced by optional electric fan/ demist option. The canopy can also be removed completely or left partially open to be able to ride in very nice weather without overheating.
Regarding ventilation of rider, you have proposed a vent inlet somewhere close to the stagnation point, with an exit at the rear of vehicle. Will this be implemented ?
Yes, and it will be improved with optional anti fog heater/fan
How to change rear wheel: I can’t see from the images how the rear tyre can be changed. Do the side covers come off allowing access to the wheel & tyre?
The rear suspension can be ordered with elevator, then it is easy. Without it you would need to unbolt the side cover. But with the right tool, removing and replacing the wheel is very easy.
I like to ‘tinker’ so was wondering how easy it would be to add peripherals. Will you make the wiring loom such that it will be easy to add peripherals (e.g. additional lights running at 48V, audio peripherals running at 12V, maybe some USB power outlets as well)?
We will offer one or two USB ports with 5V 2 to 3A for all USB devices. Light will be using LIN so an AUX 12V is no problem but most 12V has to go to power the lights (LEDs). 48V should not be tinkered with. We use a high current 48V bus that is continously monitored due to heavy regeneration. If you need 48V for special purposes you should use a separate battery for that.
I have respiratory issues, can the coupé be equipped with an air filter?
Yes, a HEPA class air filter is planned as an option. Be aware that this option will reduce battery range as the filter need an electric fan to force air thru the very fine particle filter.
In the US a 3-wheeled Electric Assist Pedal / Car are legal, however, 4 wheeled models are not. Are you planning on doing a 3 wheeled version of this PODBike?
We are aware that ebikes in USA are limited to three wheels. So our vehicle is currently only legal on the street without battery, on pure «bread power».
We have thought of possible making a three wheel Podbike for USA & Canada. Unfortunately, three wheels is not a wise option when you want to make a safe, practical and fast velomobile. I talk from many years of experience. You can read more about why we use four wheels in Per Hassel Sørensen’s master thesis «Velomobile:redefined» chapter 3.
Another issue is that current legislation regarding ebikes in North America is not harmonized across states, counties and cities. So we believe it is not technically possible at the moment to make an ebike that is legal all across USA, Canada & Mexico.
However, Podbike(TM) is currently built according to EN 15194 safety standard for electrically assisted cycles, or so-called EPAC. (They are also called Pedelecs). EN 15194 differ from US legislation that there are lower motor-assist speed limit but no limits to the number of wheels. What is limited is basically continous motor power, max assisted speed and that you have to pedal to get motor assist.
Ebikes a cording to EN 15194 EPAC are legal to use in all EU countries plus many others like Norway, Switzerland, Australia, India, Israel, Turkey, China etc. As EN 15194 is an European standard, it is currently work underway to extend it into a global international standard since it is becoming de facto standard also outside Europe. The upcoming international EPAC standard is ISO 4210-10 and should be finished within a couple of years.
May I become a reseller/distributor/agent?
In the future, we will certainly need some help to convert drivers of polluting cars into PODBIKEⓇ riders! Please leave your contact details on our website (contact form) and notify us about which country/ city/ area.
Are you looking for investors?
Podbike AS has so far been financed by owners equity and with support from Innovation Norway. But during 2017 we plan for external investors.
So if you believe in our unique product, has valuable knowledge and want to be a major investor in a sustainable product line with great market possibility, please contact our CEO at alh@podbike.com.


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