Tim Dettmers

Tim Dettmers

I am an informatics master student at the University of Lugano, Switzerland, currently during a research internship with the UCL Machine Reading Group where I am advised by Sebastian Riedel. In my work I focus on natural language understanding and more specifically, I work on deep learning for question answering and automatic knowledge base construction from raw text data. Before that I build my own GPU cluster and developed algorithms to speed up deep learning on GPU clusters. During my internship at Microsoft Research I worked on algorithms which make deep learning more memory efficient so that larger networks fit into GPU memory.

I also took part in Kaggle competitions where I have reached world rank 63, but currently research is more important to me than application of machine learning and deep learning.

In the past I studied applied mathematics at the Open University, and did a dual apprenticeship as Mathematical and Technical Software Developer where I worked in automation industry.

Besides deep learning, I am also very interested in understanding the human brain, human nature, the human condition and their evolution. In my spare time I like to study and think about fields aligned to these topics.


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