JavaScript and Oracle

JavaScript and Oracle

JavaScript and Oracle
Putting JavaScript & Oracle to work in the enterprise!
Why JavaScript
By some measures, JavaScript is now the world’s most popular programming language. As the lingua franca of browsers and super charged with server-side capabilities a la Node/IO, JavaScript is an increasingly popular choice for creating new applications.

Why Oracle Database
Oracle Database has long been recognized as a world-class database that offers many features dedicated to performance, scalability, high availability, security, compliance, and much more. As such, the Oracle Database is a solid foundation for almost any application – including JavaScript applications.

Why the enterprise
The needs and values of enterprises are often a little different than, say, those of startups. To better meet those needs, and to offer something a little different, I hope to keep the content on JSAO geared toward enterprise development.

About Me – Dan McGhan
dm-14I started building web applications using the LAMP stack around 2005. I worked for a large organization at the time and found that most of the data I wanted to get at was in the Oracle database so I thought I’d learn that too. What I found, I fell in love with, so much so that I dedicated myself to learning more about Oracle – core concepts, database design, SQL, PL/SQL, you name it.

During this time I stumbled across Oracle Application Express (APEX). APEX is a declarative web application development framework that is included with Oracle Database (even the free XE edition). It’d didn’t take long before I was hooked and cranking out web applications faster than ever before. Once I had a decent amount of experience under my belt, I moved into the consulting and education space where I was able to share my passion for Oracle Database and web technologies with a larger audience while working on a variety of exciting projects.

Over the years I’ve watched JavaScript go from a hacky little language that could to a robust programming language that does! For the last couple years I’ve been fascinated with Node.js and single page applications (SPAs). I’m keen to see how these technologies can be put to use along with the Oracle database to deliver the next generation of applications. In late 2014 I joined a newly formed team of Oracle Database evangelists; my focus is on JavaScript and HTML5.


The views expressed on this website are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Oracle.

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