Pine64 Single Board Computer

Pine64 Single Board Computer

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64-bit Single Board Computer

Frequently Asked Questions
Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the PINE64. If you don’t see your question here, please visit Pine64 forum,, for more info. Thank You!

What is Single Board Computer?
A single-board computer (SBC) is a complete computer built on a single circuit board with microprocessor(s), memory, input/output (I/O) and other features required for a functional computer. SBC were made as demonstration or development systems, for educational systems, or for use as embedded computer controllers. Many types of home computer and portable computer integrated all their functions onto a single printed circuit board.

What is Pine A64?
The Pine A64 is an index card sized 64-bit single board computer. It can perform like your desktop or portable PC with browsing the Internet, playing games, watching video, and execute programs like spreadsheets and word-processing. The Pine A64 board can also play ultra high definition 4Kx2K video.

Why 64-bit processors really matters?
The ARM 64-bit processor significantly increases performance over its 32-bit counterpart. Besides the performance increase, the 64-bit processor is more power efficient and consumes less energy.

How powerful is Pine A64 CPU processors?
The Pine A64 CPU is quad-core ARM A-53 64-bit processor and runs at 1.2GHz. The CPU’s MIPS benchmarks around 11,040 which makes it capabilities roughly equivalent to the Sony PS3’s level of performance or a netbook running AMD E-240 CPU at 1.5GHz.

How powerful is Pine A64 GPU processors?
The Pine A64 GPU is dual-core MALI-400 MP2 and runs at 500MHz, capable of 1.1 Gpixel/s throughput. Graphics capabilities are slightly higher than the original Xbox’s level of performance. The GPU provides OpenGL ES 2.0, hardware-accelerated OpenVG, 4Kx2Kp30 H.265 decode, and 1080p60 H.264 high-profile encode and decode.

Does Pine A64 board need a heatsink?
The SoC chip used in the Pine A64 is the same SoC design that is used in a tablet. Heatsink requirement will directly influenced by each application and case design.

What type of hardware interfaces that Pine A64 have?
Depending on the model, all the Pine A64 has 46 dedicated GPIO pins, three UART, two i2c bus, two SPI bus, i2s audio, SPDIF out, IR receiver, Speaker out, 3v3, 5v, and ground. In the “PLUS” model, there are additional three ports: CSI-Camera, Touch Control, and DSI-LCD Panel.

Can I add additional system memory?

What is Pine A64 operating temperature?
The Pine A64 operating temperature qualified range from -20°C to 70°C.

What is the difference between “BASIC” and “PLUS” model?
Two models are available: Pine A64 “BASIC” and the Pine A64+ “PLUS.” The “BASIC” model is the low-cost variant of the Pine A64 board. It has 512MB system RAM and 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port. The Pine A64+ “PLUS” model has 1GB system RAM, Gigabit Ethernet port, camera port, LCD panel display port, and touch control port. For Android users, we strongly recommend the Pine A64+ “PLUS” model due to the larger system memory size and for a better user experience.

Can I connect a keyboard and mouse to the Pine A64 and act as a computer?
Yes, most existing USB keyboard and mouse can work with the Pine A64 board.

What are the Pine A64 dimensions? What about the weight?
The Pine A64 board measures 127mm x 79mm x 21mm (or roughly 5.00″ x 3.11″ x 0.83″) at 46 grams.

Which SoC are used in the Pine A64 boards?
Both BASIC and PLUS model uses the Allwinner A64 SoC. The SoC contains a quad-core ARM Cortex A53 64-bit CPU with floating point, running at 1.2Ghz, and a dual-core MALI-400 MP2 GPU running at 500MHz. The GPU has a high performance 3D core accessed using the supplied OpenGL ES2.0 and OpenVG libraries.

Why use the Allwinner A64 SoC?
Cost, performance and reliability.

How does the Pine A64 boot?
With the microSD card inserted in the card slot, all files necessary for booting should be installed in a microSD card with FAT32 partition.

What operating systems do the Pine A64 board support?
Android Lollipop 5.1 or Ubuntu with Kernel 3.10 are available for you. Both comes with 64-bit version. For Android users, we recommend using Pine A64+ “PLUS” boards which has a larger system memory. In addition, we also work with openHAB ( for IoT (Internet of Things) application. The OS is stored on the microSD card; it is a straightforward process to replace the root partition on the microSD card with another ARM Linux.

Will the Pine A64 run Microsoft Windows or Windows RT OS?
No but we are working on it. Check back here frequently for updates.

Which Linux runs on the Pine A64 board?
Ubuntu and Debian runs on the Pine A64 board.

Can the Pine A64 run Android?
Yes, Android Lollipop 5.1 64-bit OS runs natively in Pine A64 board. We strongly advise you run Android on Pine A64+ “PLUS” model due to the larger system memory size for a better user experience.

What is the power requirement?
The board is powered by +5v microUSB port. Exactly how much power is required, in terms of current. (mA), is depending on what you hook up to the board. An official 2.0A (2000mA) power supply is available at the Pine64 store with ample power to run the board for most applications.

What is size of the microSD card I need?
For Linux OS, the minimum microSD size can be as low as 4GB. For Android OS, we recommend no less than 8GB. Besides OS space requirement, please also calculate the free space you need to install additional packages or make programs/data of your own.

What capacity of the microSD card can the Pine A64 support?
The Pine A64 board supports SD, SDHC, and SDXC format microSD card – this means the largest capacity is 256GB. Please note that if a microSD card is formatted as an FAT32 file format, the maximum capacity is 32GB.

How about support for other storage devices?
You can also attach a USB stick or USB hard drive to provide extra storage.

What happens when the Pine A64 board brick?
Just simply restore the Pine A64 board by re-flashing the microSD card.

Does the Pine A64 support networking?
The “BASIC” model has built in 10/100Mbps wired Ethernet and “PLUS” model has built in Gigabit wired Ethernet. There is a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth native expansion port on both models.

Is there wireless expansion for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth?
Yes, the Pine A64 has the reserved expansion port for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The various Wi-Fi and Bluetooth daughter boards are available at Pine64 store (

Is sounds supported through HDMI?

Is sounds supported through SPDIF?
Yes it is through the output port located at the “euler“ bus connector.

Is there a mic port on the Pine A64?
The Pine A64 audio 3.5mm mini-jack supports microphone function from your headphones. A USB webcam with microphones function also another solution.

What about standard audio in and out?
The Pine A64 audio 3.5mm mini-jack supplies amplified audio output to your headphone; you can also use as audio line out. You can add USB microphone support devices, such as webcam for audio in, or using the I2S interface on the “euler” bus connector for additional audio I/O function.

What display monitor can I use?
There is an HDMI port on the Pine A64 board, and you can hook up to a HDMI monitor or HDTV. For the DVI monitor connection, a passive HDMI->DVI adapter is needed. There is no VGA nor Composite Video support on the Pine A64 board, but such active HDMI->VGA or HDMI->Composite Video converter is available and can be purchased directly at the Pine64 store (

Can I stream Netflix?
Yes! Pine64 can run Nextflix in SD video.

Which HDMI version is supported?
Version 1.

What are the video specifications supported by the Pine A64 board?
•H.265 4K@30fps video decoding
•multi-format 1080p@60fps video decoding, including H.264 BP/MP/HP, VP8, MPEG 1, MPEG2, MPEG4 SP/ASP GMC, H.263 including Sorenson Spark, VC1/WMV9, MJPEG and etc.
•H.264 1080p@60fps or 720p@120fps video encoding

What is the DSI port?
The LCD Panel port is a 4 lane MIPI DSI up to 1920×1200@60fps. It provides connectivity to an LCD panel and turns the Pine A64 into a computer or tablet.

What model of the LCD panel is compatible for the Pine A64?
We currently offer a 7 inch color active matrix 1024 x 600 LCD panel with 24 chip LED backlight.

What is a Camera Card?
The Camera Card is a small PCB that connects to the CSI camera port on the Pine A64 using a short ribbon cable. It provides connectivity for a camera to capture still images or video recordings.

What is the model of the camera chip?
5megapixels CMOS camera chip.

What is the camera specification?
The camera card specifications are as follows:
•Aperture: f2.8
•Focal length: 2.7mm
•Shooting range: 0.2m→∞
•Field of view: 66 degree
•Optical Distortion: 0.24%
•White balance: Automatic
•Gain: Automatic
•Exposure control: Automatic

What is the camera resolution?
The camera card is capable of taking images up to 5 megapixels (5MP) (2592×1944 pixels) and video recordings at resolutions up to 720p30.

What picture formats does the camera card support?
The camera card supports raw capturing, uncompressed YUV, JPEG422, RGB565, RGB555, and RGB444 photos. It also records H.264 video.

Does the Pine A64 come with a case?
Various official cases for the Pine A64 are available at Pine64 store.

Does the Pine A64 support IR receivers?
Yes, the Pine A64 board has reserved connectors for IR receivers and also introduces an official IR remote control that is available at Pine64 store.

Does the Pine A64 have the Real-Time Clock (RTC) feature?
Yes, the Pine A64 board comes with the RTC feature. The clock power source can be either come from optional 3V Lithium coin battery or Lipo battery.

Where can I purchase the Pine A64 board cost?
You can purchase the Pine A64 directly on

How much does the Pine A64 board cost?
The “BASIC” model costs $15.25, and the “PLUS” model costs $19.50, plus local taxes if applicable and shipping/handling fees.

What else will I need after I purchase the Pine A64 board?
Once you purchase the Pine A64 board, you will also need a power supply and microSD card for boot up (which are not included in the board purchase). The power supply and microSD card are available for purchase on our online store.

Is the Pine A64 available worldwide?

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