About Flathub

About Flathub

Flathub aims to be the place to get and distribute apps for Linux. It is powered by Flatpak which allows Flathub apps to run on almost any Linux distribution.

If you are a Linux user, you can use Flathub to gain access to a growing collection of Flatpak applications. You just need to follow the setup instructions.

Submitting apps
App developers can submit their applications to be distributed to Flathub’s growing user base, thus providing a single gateway to the entire Linux desktop ecosystem.

At the moment, applications must either be legally redistributable or be available as a third party download. However, if you are a proprietary app developer and are interested in using Flathub, we would love to talk to you.

Get involved
Flathub is an attempt to transform the Linux desktop ecosystem for the better, and we need your help. If you can write documentation, create websites, administer servers or write code, we would love your help.

Reporting issues
Security or legal issues can be reported to the Flathub maintainers.

Flathub wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of the following organizations and individuals.

Mythic Beasts

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