Boost C++ Library

Boost C++ Library

  1. Accumulators
  2. Algorithm
  3. Align
  4. Any
  5. Array
  6. Asio
  7. Assert
  8. Assign
  9. Atomic
  10. Bimap
  11. Bind
  12. Call Traits
  13. Chrono
  14. Circular Buffer
  15. Compatibility
  16. Compressed Pair
  17. Concept Check
  18. Config
  19. Container
  20. Context
  21. Conversion
  22. Core
  23. Coroutine
  24. CRC
  25. Date Time
  26. Dynamic Bitset
  27. Enable If
  28. Exception
  29. Filesystem
  30. Flyweight
  31. Foreach
  32. Format
  33. Function
  34. Function Types
  35. Functional
  36. Functional/Factory
  37. Functional/Forward
  38. Functional/Hash
  39. Functional/Overloaded Function
  40. Fusion
  41. Geometry
  42. GIL
  43. Graph
  44. Heap
  45. ICL
  46. Identity Type
  47. In Place Factory, Typed In Place Factory
  48. Integer
  49. Interprocess
  50. Interval
  51. Intrusive
  52. IO State Savers
  53. Iostreams
  54. Iterator
  55. Lambda
  56. Lexical Cast
  57. Local Function
  58. Locale
  59. Lockfree
  60. Log
  61. Math
  62. Math Common Factor
  63. Math Octonion
  64. Math Quaternion
  65. Math/Special Functions
  66. Math/Statistical Distributions
  67. Member Function
  68. Meta State Machine
  69. Min-Max
  70. Move
  71. MPI
  72. MPL
  73. Multi-Array
  74. Multi-Index
  75. Multiprecision
  76. Numeric Conversion
  77. Odeint
  78. Operators
  79. Optional
  80. Parameter
  81. Phoenix
  82. Pointer Container
  83. Polygon
  84. Pool
  85. Predef
  86. Preprocessor
  87. Program Options
  88. Property Map
  89. Property Tree
  90. Proto
  91. Python
  92. Random
  93. Range
  94. Ratio
  95. Rational
  96. Ref
  97. Regex
  98. Result Of
  99. Scope Exit
  100. Serialization
  101. Signals
  102. Signals2
  103. Smart Ptr
  104. Spirit
  105. Statechart
  106. Static Assert
  107. String Algo
  108. Swap
  109. System
  110. Test
  111. Thread
  112. ThrowException
  113. Timer
  114. Tokenizer
  115. TR1
  116. TTI
  117. Tuple
  118. Type Erasure
  119. Type Index
  120. Type Traits
  121. Typeof
  122. uBLAS
  123. Units
  124. Unordered
  125. Utility
  126. Uuid
  127. Value Initialized
  128. Variant
  129. Wave
  130. Xpressive

Dabeaz LLC: Python Cookbook and SWIG Author

Dabeaz LLC: Python Cookbook and SWIG Author
Dabeaz LLC is David Beazley, an independent software developer and book author living in the city of Chicago. I primarily work on programming tools, provide custom software development, and teach practical programming courses for software developers, scientists, and engineers. I am best known for my work with the Python programming language where I have created several open-source packages (e.g., Swig and PLY). I am also the author of the Python Essential Reference (Addison-Wesley) and Python Cookbook, 3rd Ed. (O’Reilly). Although Python is my current language of choice, I also have significant experience with systems programming in C, C++, and assembly language.

Vitesse Data | Welcome

Vitesse Data | Welcome
SSE Optimization CSV file parsing is done using SSE instructions that process the CSV data 16-byte at a time. Drop-in Deployment 100% binary compatibility with Postgres 9.3.5 means there is no need to modify your application or site operation to realize the speed benefits and cost savings in electricity or AWS. Mr. Sulu, Step On It! CSV imports run up to 2X faster. OLAP aggregates run up to 10X faster. All because Vitesse DB pushes your x86 CPU to its limits.

FTP directory: /pub/dick/similarity_tester/

FTP directory: /pub/dick/similarity_tester/
This is SIM, Software and text similarity tester, most recent revision (2.26, 20080923) by Dick Grune, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, the Netherlands ( SIM tests lexical similarity in texts in C, Java, Pascal, Modula-2, Lisp, Miranda and natural language. It can be used – to detect potentially duplicated code fragments in large software projects, – to detect plagiarism in software and text-based projects, educational and otherwise. The program is fast: the UNIX version on a Sun ULTRA does about 50000 tokens/sec, the DOS version on a Pentium 166 does about 25000 tokens/sec. SIM is available for UNIX (in source code) and MSDOS (32-bit executables). UNIX: To obtain the files, unpack sim_2_*.zip This yields the sources, the Makefile, sim.pdf and READ_ME. For installation notes and other info then see READ_ME. Source Code Converters Source Code Converters
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