Mark Lucovsky / Microsoft Windows# – A Software Engineering Odyssey Mark Lucovsky / Microsoft Windows# – A Software Engineering Odyssey
Table of Contents Windows#A Software Engineering Odyssey Agenda NT Timeline first 10 years Unix Timeline first 20 years History of NT History of NT (cont.) Design Longevity Goal Setting NT OS/2 Design Workbook Developing a Culture The NT Culture Development Environment Development Team Source Code Control System (NT 3.1) Source Code Control System (Windows 2000) Process Management (NT 3.1) Process Management (Windows 2000) Team Size Serialized Development Computing the ISIN checksum in Excel Computing the ISIN checksum in Excel
To facilitate settlement and hence trading of securities, each security has a unique identifying code. There are several types of identifying code, the one that is used internationally being the ISIN, or International Securities Identifying Number. Every security in almost every country has an ISIN (possibly excepting Colombia, whose government bonds-uniquely-appear to lack an ISIN). The structure of an ISIN is defined in ISO 6166, and the algorithm is described by Wikipedia. Defined below is an Excel VBA function LastDigitISIN(ElevenChars As String) As String that returns the last digit of an ISIN given the first eleven. UK securities also have a SEDOL number, also defined in Wikipedia. The function LastDigitSEDOL(SixChars As String) As String returns the last digit given the first ?6 characters. If the input is shorter than six characters it is left-padded with zeroes. ISINs of UK securities are typically made by prefixing the SEDOL with “GB00” (and perhaps with “IE00” for Irish se

Sverre J. Aarseth: Astronomy

Sverre J. Aarseth: Astronomy
My research into numerical simulations of many-body (N-body) gravitational interactions spans over 40 years, and is reported in several publications and my book. I have developed a set of FORTRAN codes which describe the dynamics very closely, and these are regarded by many as the de facto standard. I have explained below how you can download these codes for execution on your local computer system.

git Usage

git Usage
Git is a version control system (VCS) similar to Subversion and CVS. The major difference is its distributed approacher compared to Subversion (and the like). This means that no central repository server is necessary. Everyone has private repositories, and collaboration is enabled by synchronization of individual repositories.

Grupo investigador – Analisis Numerico y Aplicationes

Grupo investigador – Analisis Numerico y Aplicationes
Researchers in Aragon: 1. Calvo, Manuel

2. Carnicer, Jesús

3. Cortés, Vanesa

4. Franco, José María

5. García-Esnaola, Marta

6. Gasca, Mariano

7. Godés, Carmen

8. Gomez, Inmaculada

9. Laburta, María Pilar

10. López de Silanes, María Cruz

11. Montijano, Juan Ignacio

12. Parra, Mari Cruz

13. Peña, Juan Manuel

14. Rández, Luis

Researchers in other communities:

1. Delgado, Jorge

2. Gallego, Rafael

3. Gonzalez-Pinto, Severiano

4. Hernández-Abreu, Domingo

5. Mainar, Esmeralda

6. Pérez-Rodríguez, Soledad