Stayin’ alive: Ten years of Linux on the mainframe • The Register

Stayin’ alive: Ten years of Linux on the mainframe • The Register
Just to show you how different IBM was back then, the company had $41.6bn in hardware sales that year, and pushed PCs, printers, disks, minicomputers, telecom and networking gear, retail systems – you name it. And those mainframes had wickedly high profit margins and drove mainframe software sales where nearly all the money dropped to the bottom line – and helped pay the bill for all of those unprofitable hardware businesses, by the way.


DB2 packages: Concepts, examples, and common problems by John Chun + Paolo Cirone

DB2 packages: Concepts, examples, and common problems by John Chun + Paolo Cirone
What are packages?Packages in DB2 are control-structure database objects that contain executable forms of SQL statements or placement holders for executable forms. In DB2 for Linux©, UNIX©, and Windows©, packages may also be referred to as access plans. Packages are stored in the database system catalog tables.

If an application intends to access a database using static SQL, the application developer must embed the appropriate SQL statements in the program source code. When the program source code is converted to an executable object (static SQL) or executed (dynamic SQL), the strategy for executing each embedded SQL statement is stored in a package as a single section. Each section is a bound form of the embedded SQL statement, and this form contains information such as which index to use and how to use the index (basically an access plan).

DB2 packages are used to execute SQL statements on the database server.

DB2 ” Honza’s perspective

DB2 ” Honza’s perspective
The whole problem is in the format of the passwords in /etc/shadow. DB2 doesn’t seem to like the passwords generated when changing password using the standard passwd command. In Fedora Core 10 the password is hashed using sha-512.

DB2 works fine with passwords hashed with standard crypt function. Password in the desired format can be obtained by calling openssl passwd desiredPassword. The output of openssl can be passed to usermod –password

MainframeSupport tip list

MainframeSupport tip list
MainframeSupport ApS er et lille konsulentfirma med en trofast kundekreds blandt Danmarks største IT-installationer. Firmaets største aktiv er ejeren Claus E. Mikkelsen, hvis mest kendte aktivitet er at forfatte ugens tip på Grundholdningen i ugens tip udtrykkes bedst med det kendte slogan “Don’t work harder, work smarter”. MainframeSupport arbejder netop derfor konstant på at blive bedre og levere de mest optimale løsninger i forhold til opgaven.