Finding the unjustly homeless, and teaching them to code. Finding the unjustly homeless, and teaching them to code.
I am going to head over and talk to the guy with a puzzle. You need to know, I am a software engineer working in what is basically a tech bubble, the skill is in high demand. The idea is simple. Without disrespecting him, I will offer two options: I will come back tomorrow and give you $100 in cash. I will come back tomorrow and give you three JavaScript books, (beginner-advanced-expert) and a super cheap basic laptop. I will then come an hour early from work each day—when he feels prepared—and teach him to code.

Browser Fingerprinting

Browser Fingerprinting
Doch was geschieht, wenn das Cookie gelöscht wird? In diesem Fall ist es nicht mehr möglich, die Person zu identifizieren und die Surfchronik muss komplett neu erstellt werden. Manche Nutzer/innen haben die Speicherung von Cookies generell deaktiviert, somit funktioniert der gesamte Ansatz nicht.In diesen Fällen müssen neue, alternative Ansätze versucht werden. Dabei können einerseits sog. Super-Cookies verwendet oder es werden identifizierende Elemente der Systemkonfiguration des Nutzers bzw. der Nutzerin abgefragt und ausgelesen, gespeichert und verglichen.

So sendet jeder Webbrowser automatisch bei jedem Aufruf einer Website eine Kennung des verwendeten Browsers und dessen Version mit. Über alltägliche Web-Skriptsprachen, wie z. B. JavaScript, lassen sich die verwendeten Systemfarben (z. B. Desktop-Hintergrund) abfragen und Flash kann dazu verwendet werden, alle installierten Schriftarten aufzulisten. Diese Kombination der Daten ist u. U. auf der Welt einzigartig.

Performance Tips for JavaScript in V8 – HTML5 Rocks

Performance Tips for JavaScript in V8 – HTML5 Rocks

Prefer numeric values that can be represented as 31-bit signed integers.


In order to handle large and sparse arrays, there are two types of array storage internally:

Fast Elements: linear storage for compact key sets

Dictionary Elements: hash table storage otherwise

It’s best not to cause the array storage to flip from one type to another.


Use contiguous keys starting at 0 for Arrays

Don’t pre-allocate large Arrays (e.g. > 64K elements) to their maximum size, instead grow as you go

Don’t delete elements in arrays, especially numeric arrays

Don’t load uninitialized or deleted elements

Fabric Engine | High-performance computing for dynamic languages

Fabric Engine | High-performance computing for dynamic languages
Fabric Engine offers a third way – we don’t think that performance should be a scarce resource, it should be a commodity that any developer can access. We provide a way for developers to provide a high-level description of concurrency that Fabric Engine dynamically compiles. We take care of the management of threading and memory and compilation so that you can concentrate on building your final product. Most importantly, we do it in a way that means we are as fast as multi-threaded C++. There is no compromise. Javascript Date Time Picker – Introduction Javascript Date Time Picker – Introduction
JavaScript Date Time Picker The first release of JavaScript Date Time Picker was dated November 29 2003. It has been Free ever since and received a lot of positive responses. Nevertheless, this script is also well formatted so others who can customize to meet their own needs. The latest version of Javascript Date Time Picker is not just the result of the original author, over the time, couple of talented developers have also made their contributions to the code.