Raspberry Pi at Southampton

Raspberry Pi at Southampton
The racking was built using Lego with a design developed by Simon and James, who has also been testing the Raspberry Pi by programming it using free computer programming software Python and Scratch over the summer. The machine, named “Iridis-Pi” after the University’s Iridis supercomputer, runs off a single 13 Amp mains socket and uses MPI (Message Passing Interface) to communicate between nodes using Ethernet. The whole system cost under £2,500 (excluding switches) and has a total of 64 processors and 1Tb of memory (16Gb SD cards for each Raspberry Pi). Professor Cox uses the free plug-in ‘Python Tools for Visual Studio’ to develop code for the Raspberry Pi. Professor Cox adds: “The first test we ran – well obviously we calculated Pi on the Raspberry Pi using MPI, which is a well-known first test for any new supercomputer.”

Laurens’ Mindstorms Projects – Always under construction – Mindstorms Projects, built by Laurens

Laurens’ Mindstorms Projects – Always under construction – Mindstorms Projects, built by Laurens
If you’re looking for some of LEGO© MINDSTORMS™ robot designs, you’re in the right place. This page holds a variety of projects I made in the past years. You may have noticed models aren’t posted as frequent as before. This is for a couple of reasons, but I’m still building with Mindstorms!One thing is that most of the models I currently make are used for publication in books. Furthermore, I have also designed a couple models for The LEGO Company which I can’t post here either. (Stay tuned, I will post these here, later.) On top of that, I teach a robotics class at a local middle school which is also a fun thing to do, but relatively time consuming at the same time.