nixCraft: C versus other programming languages

Programming languages at the poker table




Building blocks with a wide range of modules
The well matched Tinkerforge modules allow experienced programmers to concentrate on the software, thus projects can be completed faster. A programming novice on the other hand has the possibility to learn programming with exciting applications by using the Tinkerforge building blocks.

No detailed knowledge in electronics necessary
The realization of a project with Tinkerforge is possible without troubles. You simply pick the required modules and connect them together with each other. There is no other electronics knowledge and no soldering needed.
For example: If the project is to control a motor dependent on a measured temperature, you just have to choose a temperature sensor and an appropriate motor controller out of the available Tinkerforge building blocks.

Intuitive API
The Tinkerforge API offers intuitive functions, that simplify the programming. For example: It is possible to set the velocity of a motor in meters per second with a call of setVelocity() or to read out a temperature in degree Celsius (°C) with getTemperature(). IBM Instructions for downloading packages from z/OS USS tools pages IBM Instructions for downloading packages from z/OS USS tools pages
How to get the package There are three ways to get a package: Through your browser Anonymous ftp If all else fails, For tools packages, send a note to Bill Schoen ( letting him know what problems you had and he’ll be happy to email the package to you. For PDF files (such as presentations), send a note to Henry Gorbsky ( letting him know what problems you had and he’ll be happy to email the file to you. We also have some general information on handling a tools package after it has been downloaded.

Rocket Software

Rocket Software
Rocket Ported Tools for z/OS is a set of products available to you that is designed to deliver tools and applications for the z/OS platform. These applications have been modified to operate within the z/OS environment. Rocket Ported Tools Rocket Ported Tools for z/OS are only supported on z/OS 1.10 and above. GULP IT-Projektmarktindex: Der Gradmesser für die Angebots- und Nachfragesituation am IT-Projektmarkt GULP IT-Projektmarktindex: Der Gradmesser für die Angebots- und Nachfragesituation am IT-Projektmarkt
Die monatlichen Projektanfragen sind im Mai 2014 lediglich um 0,3 Prozent gesunken: von 13.694 im April 2014 auf 13.656 Anfragen. Im Vorjahresvergleich aber schneidet der Mai 2014 gut ab: Im Mai 2013 konnten 12.573 Anfragen verzeichnet werden. Somit liefen im Mai dieses Jahres über 1.000 Projektanfragen über und, also rund 8,6 Prozent mehr als im Vorjahr.

Green Tea Press: Free Computer Science Books

Green Tea Press: Free Computer Science Books
Most textbook authors sit down with the goal writing the bible of their field. Since it is meant to be authoritative, they usually stick to well-established ideas and avoid opinion and controversy. For most professors, the cardinal virtue is course materials; they want a course-in-a-box. And judging by the email I get, what they really want is solutions to the exercises. Unfortunately, price is usually not an issue. The result is an expensive 1000-page book with no personality. For students, these virtues are irrelevant because textbooks are unreadable and, usually, unread. Here’s what happens. The professor chooses a 1000-page book and assigns students to read 50 pages a week. They can’t, and they don’t, so the professor spends class time explaining what the students couldn’t read. Before long, the students learn that they shouldn’t even try. The result is a 1000-page doorstop. What’s the solution? Easy, it’s the opposite of everything I just said. Authors need to write books stud