XTRAN, LLC: Automated Code Translation

XTRAN, LLC: Automated Code Translation
The following examples show how you can use our XTRAN software engineering meta-tool to automate virtually any software engineering activity….examples using XTRAN to automate manipulating that language: Assembler— HP (Digital, Compaq) MACRO-11 Assembler— HP (Digital, Compaq) VAX MACRO Assembler— Encore (SEL, Gould) C C++ COBOL EDL (IBM) Fortran HTML -Java— Natural (Software AG) Pascal PL/I PL/ix (IBM)— updated! PL/M (Intel) XML Text—


TmaxSoft provides a full range of advanced enterprise system software to industry leaders throughout the world. TmaxSoft’s legacy modernization software products provide IT integrity, reliability, expandability and cost reduction to over 1,400 leading organizations throughout the world, including clients within the US, Korea, Japan and China.

TmaxSoft specializes in legacy system modernization and provides two comprehensive paths for enterprises: mainframe rehosting and implementing SOA-based total enterprise systems. Our powerful OpenFrame rehosting software has been used worldwide to migrate mission-critical IT systems from mainframe-based environments to more flexible and cost-efficient open system environments. In April of 2006, TmaxSoft completed rehosting the system of Samsung Life Insurance, a major life insurance provider. At the time, this was the largest rehosting project ever undertaken (7,500 MIPS). Our ProFrame application framework and associated products have been

Dell guns for IBM mainframes with Clerity gobble

Dell guns for IBM mainframes with Clerity gobble
Clerity says it has over 1,300 sites worldwide using its migration and rehosting tools today. At the time Sun bought the UniKix business from Critical Path more than a decade ago, that business had 300 customers with 900 installations and Sun was expecting to do around 50 mainframe replacements a year and generate maybe $100m in hardware, software, and services revenues a year. Sun boosted the UniKix installed base to 1,400 sites by the time it sold it to Clerity in 2006.

Clerity to Revive Mainframe Rehosting after Acquiring Sun Tools

Clerity to Revive Mainframe Rehosting after Acquiring Sun Tools
Clerity Solutions has a 15-year history of providing porting services and tools from obscure computing systems to more modern computers. But by acquiring a set of mainframe application porting and rehosting tools from Sun Microsystems, which the company quietly did at the end of June, Clerity is now a relatively big player at many mainframe shops.

Clerity, which is based in the Chicago suburb of Oakbrook Terrace, has been doing ports of old Wang word processing systems and HP 3000 MPE-based minicomputers to other platforms, and had approximately 25 employees before buying Sun’s Mainframe Transaction Processing (MTP) and Mainframe Batch Manager (MBM) systems software and middleware for an undisclosed sum. The MTP software is, in essence, a clone of IBM’s CICS transaction monitor and COBOL environment for mainframes, and MBM is a set of software that can mimic the Job Control Language of a mainframe that runs batch jobs. Clerity has acquired all of the intellectual property associated

MOST Technologies Application Conversion:

MOST Technologies Application Conversion:

MF-Test Perform-View
Automatic Mainframe testing
Some people dream of success. We make it happen.

Why Re-host?
An effective cost-cutting initiative.
Re-hosting means:
retaining existing business logic intact
minimum changes to existing code
tool based transition to new platform
Minimum time frame
Reduced risk
Cut licensing costs
Ready to connect to new technology
Automated process to identify all re-hosting components

Longpela – Australian based Mainframe consultancy company

Longpela – Australian based Mainframe consultancy company
We are Mainframe Systems Experts.

We can:

Answer your Mainframe questions

Find and fix your Mainframe problems

Develop your Mainframe solutions

Teach you about Mainframes

We know:

IBM System z (zSeries) Mainframesz/OS (MVS or OS/390)CICS, IMS, DB2 and related systems

Mainframe security, RACF and ACF2Programming – Assembler, COBOL, PL/I, C, SAS and REXX

Mainframe networks and connectivityTivoli software products

Dead Link: ATX | Application Modernization, Migration and Reeengineering …

Dead Link: ATX | Application Modernization, Migration and Reeengineering …

ATX’s core reengineering environment is based on abstracting the source language to a language-independent model on which all analysis and processing is performed. As such, the environment has the capability to support multiple languages in addition to Oracle Forms, COBOL and Access. Delphi, SQL (PL/SQL and T-SQL) and VB6 are just some other languages currently supported.

Blue Phoenix Home Page

Blue Phoenix Home Page
BluePhoenix’s PL/I migration solution maps each PL/I instruction to a corresponding fragment of COBOL code. Registers, flags, and storage are mapped to COBOL variables that together simulate the original architecture.

BluePhoenix’s Assembler to COBOL migration solution maps each Assembler instruction to a corresponding fragment of COBOL code.

Registers, flags, and storage are mapped to COBOL variables that together simulate the original architecture. The functionality of the original Assembler program is completely preserved during the Assembler to COBOL conversion.



Schon bei der Gründung 1989 hing die Messlatte hoch: Damit Großrechner sicher und ohne Pause arbeiten können, gründete die Firma Tandem damals den Software-Zwilling TWINSOFT. Der Name „Twin“ (wie „Zwilling“) leitete sich aus der damaligen Technik ab, alle Prozesse zu doppeln, damit beim Ausfall eines Teils der zweite nahtlos weiterarbeiten kann.

Zur weitgehend vollautomatischen Durchführung komplexer Konvertierungsprojekte verwenden TWINSOFT das eigenentwickelte Werkzeug Conveyor. Conveyor ermöglicht die maschinelle Migration von Mainframe-Anwendungen auf offene Systeme, d.h., in der Zielumgebung wird eine Client-Server-Architektur implementiert mit einem UNIX-System auf der Server-Seite und Windows-PCs für die Präsentationsschicht. Das Werkzeug enthält neben verschiedenen Sprachumsetzern eine Vielzahl von Adaptermodulen zur Umsetzung älterer Masken- und Datenhaltungssysteme in zeitgemäße Umgebungen (relationale Datenbanken, grafische Benutzeroberflächen z.B. mit Visual C++, Java Swing oder HTML).

oxave Consulting

oxave Consulting
Crysalid est un logiciel de webisation et d’intégration d’applications mainframe IBM.Il équipe aujourd’hui plus de 250.000 postes de travail et se positionne comme leader en France dans la Banque/Assurance.

Les solutions de la gamme Crysalid, s’appliquent dans les projets de Host Integration et de Webisation avec intégration de l’existant “legacy” zOS/iSeries dans des architectures modernes (J2EE, .Net).