Getting Around in GIMP Getting Around in GIMP
There are a ton of tutorials already available on the internet for using GIMP to do different things (heres some from, Gimptalk, and Meet the GIMP for example). I noticed that though many of these tutorials are great, they didn’t necessarily meet my needs for wanting to do high quality post-processing of my personal photos (with the exception of Meet the GIMP). I’ve cobbled together a handful of techniques for photo retouching, and thought I would try to share some of them with everyone here. Mostly they are aimed at photo retouching and manipulations as opposed to some of the other (wonderful) things GIMP is capable of doing.

Learning Vim in 2014: Search

Learning Vim in 2014: Search
One useful behavior of substitute to be aware of: If you leave the search expression blank, it reuses your last search. So if you’ve been playing around with a regex to get the right expression, once you get it right you can type :%s///g, and it will replace all instances, without forcing you to retype your complicated regex. Finally, it’s worth noting that search plays nicely with Vim’s composable actions, and you can use it as a motion command with y, c, d or other actions. For instance d/foo will delete all text up to the next occurence of foo in the document. y?foo will yank all text backwards to the previous occurence of foo in the document.

The Geek Stuff

The Geek Stuff
The main focus of this blog is Linux and Open Source Technologies. I will be posting instruction guides, How-Tos, troubleshooting tips and tricks Linux and open source technologies. My focus is to write articles that will either teach you or help you resolve a problem. In addition to Linux and open source technologies, occasionally I will also publish articles in the following categories. Databases (Oracle, MySQL, etc.) Hardware Security (Firewall, Network, Online Security, etc.) Storage Cool gadgets and websites Productivity (Too many technologies to explore, not much time available) Website Design Software Development

Math-Blog: Mathematics is wonderful!

Math-Blog: Mathematics is wonderful! is dedicated to promoting the beauty of Mathematics at every level. It was started in 2007 by Antonio Cangiano (, a Software Developer and Technical Evangelist employed by IBM, who is very passionate about math. It began as a personal blog, but following its early success the site is now accepting external submissions and contributions by guest writers, with the long-term goal of making it a hub for those who intend to publish high quality, interesting and easy to follow mathematical articles on the Web.

Aliso the Geek | A coder in love with WordPress

Aliso the Geek | A coder in love with WordPress
The more I code, the more fascinated I become with the idea of how much I don’t know about programming. New techniques come into being every day, and I just can’t keep up with all of them. On this blog, I try to at least keep up with the WordPress world. I love making WordPress plugins, and I love learning more about the WordPress API. Hopefully anyone interested in the same can take something from my blog every now and then. Why “Aliso the Geek”? Where’s the N? I went to a small college where the instructors took attendance. My maiden name (Kleinschmidt) caused my first name to get cut off on the attendance sheet: “Kleinschmidt, Aliso.” Teachers usually understood it was Alison. One teacher that I’d had before called me Aliso all quarter as a joke. The nickname then followed me to work, where my boss expanded it to “Aliso the Geek.” They even got me a birthday cake one year with that nickname on it.